WWE Impending Firings Rumor Leaks Before SmackDown

WWE is undergoing a period of substantial transformation, prompting speculation that further layoffs could be imminent. While not definitively confirmed, the potential for staff reductions is a plausible outcome considering recent developments.



During an earnings call led by Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel, insights were shared regarding the company’s concerted efforts to swiftly realize cost efficiencies and synergies following the merger. This disclosure strongly implies the possibility of workforce reductions that could impact employees within both WWE and UFC, as these entities coalesce into the newly formed TKO Holdings Group.

The prospect of downsizing within WWE has sparked intense discourse, particularly among a segment of fans who argue that the company has already undergone significant pandemic-related staff cuts. This period saw entire divisions dismantled, making the notion of further job losses a concerning prospect.

Ringside News sought to shed light on the current state of affairs regarding potential layoffs within WWE. Following their inquiry, an established member of their team shared that the situation remains shrouded in uncertainty, with no definitive clarity at present.

The anticipation of forthcoming staff reductions stems from remarks made by Ari Emanuel during the earnings call. It is a recognized trend that mergers often lead to workforce adjustments as organizational redundancies are identified. However, it is worth noting that the TKO Holdings Group might chart a distinct path due to its unique structure – WWE and UFC will continue to operate independently under the overarching umbrella of this amalgamation.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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