WWE In Trouble After Painful Biking Accident

Major League Wrestling (MLW) recently had an amendment to their lawsuit earlier this week. It has been noted that WWE’s legal situation appeared to be going smoothly after the initial MLW lawsuit was dismissed, prompting the amendment.



However, it has come to light that the company has now been ordered to pay a significant sum of money following its loss in a traffic accident lawsuit.

WWE has to pay over $300K

According to PWInsider, WWE was on the losing end of a 2021 lawsuit filed by Jackson Parsons, over a traffic incident back in July 2019. The lawsuit saw some movement in mid-February, leading to a brief jury trial on February 27, followed by the verdict being delivered on March 3.

The jury noted that Parsons was found to be 65% at fault for the incident, while WWE was deemed to be 35% negligent. As a result, WWE was ordered to pay Parsons $331,800 in damages, calculated based on their degree of fault in the accident.

Parsons’ lawsuit requested $76,500 for “pain and suffering” and $401,500 for “future pain and suffering,” but he fell short of his goal by $69,700. Parsons suffered injuries while riding his bike when he was hit by a van driven by Gaitan Thomas, who WWE identified as an “independent contractor” rather than an employee in their legal documents.

The van belonged to the company and the incident occurred while Thomas was driving it. Parsons had to undergo ankle surgery as a result of the accident. In December 2020, he attempted to negotiate a settlement with WWE for over $1 million, but the parties were unable to reach an agreement, leading to Parsons filing a lawsuit.

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