WWE Insult Fired Raw Star As ‘Insomnia Cure’

Rick Boogs, formerly known as Eric Bugenhagen during his time in WWE’s NXT brand, had made his highly anticipated debut on Friday Night Smackdown in May 2021. Despite the initial excitement surrounding his arrival on the main roster, Boogs didn’t achieve significant success during his tenure with the company and was unexpectedly released last week. In the wake of his release, Boogs made some bold claims, suggesting that backstage political maneuvering played a role in his departure and hinted at the existence of a mysterious grudge against him within WWE.



Boogs’ allegations didn’t go unnoticed, and one individual who strongly disagreed with his assertions was former WWE manager Dutch Mantell. Mantell took to Twitter to express his disapproval of Boogs’ statements and, in no uncertain terms, buried the former WWE talent.

Mantell’s tweet read:

“Just read where Rick Boogs blames his release from @WWE due to a ‘backstage political power play.’ Eh… I blame it on lack of talent. Boogs now, is being considered for an on-screen spokesman for insomnia. Take 2 pills and watch a Boogs match. 8 hours easy. @WSI_YouTube.”

Dutch Mantell’s scathing remarks not only dismissed Boogs’ claims of political maneuvering within WWE but also criticized his wrestling abilities, suggesting that Boogs’ release was due to his perceived lack of talent. Mantell’s use of humor in his tweet, referring to Boogs as a cure for insomnia, served to underscore his strong disagreement with Boogs’ narrative regarding the circumstances of his release from the company.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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