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WWE interested in new EVOLVE Champion?

Shane Strickland WWE

We reported recently that Matt Riddle had dropped the EVOLVE championship to Shane Strickland. With Riddle supposedly moving onto bigger and better things, the company decided to focus on Strickland as their new top guy.

The WWE has recently shown interest in former and current Lucha Underground stars Angelico, Fenix, and Pentagon Jr., and it seems that they’ve also got their eyes set on Killshot, known in Major League Wrestling, Combat Zone Wrestling, and EVOLVE as Shane Strickland.

Dave Meltzer reported in a recentĀ Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Strickland is someone the WWE has an eye on and will probably pick up when they get the chance.

However, he won’t be coming in any time soon, as he has just recently signed a lengthy deal with MLW, and EVOLVE has also stated that they plan on building their promotion around the King of Swerve.

  • BROKENMatt_Hardy

    To do what? Waste time on NXT and then get put on 205live? Every good wrestler doesn’t need to come to WWE

  • BROKENMatt_Hardy

    THANK YOU. WWE is not the be all end all. It’s where you go to get buried. Best case scenario, you get fed to Roman.

  • Rinn13

    I never have and never will understand all these wrestling fans who clamor for every notable indie star to “come to NXT/WWE”. As if 1. There is even room for all those wrestlers, and 2. As if WWE is actually going to really use them, let alone use them correctly.

    Why have them bring in someone like Pentagon, or Fenix, so that they can, what? Waste them on 205 Live? They’re better off in LU and elsewhere, doing what they’ve been doing.

  • Wicka Steve

    Leave him be. Lucha Underground has suffered enough losses lately.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I hope they bring him in. He’s a hell of a talent.