WWE to introduce Cruiserweight Tag Titles to 205 Live

According to PWInsider, 205 Live will be adding some more gold to their show. With an influx of new stars appearing for the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament, the high flyers will need something to fight over after WrestleMania.



WWE creative is currently working on adding Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles for the purple brand. There’s no word yet on how the titles will be introduced. However, officials have been working on several designs for the new belts, and it looks like we’ll probably see them after WrestleMania.

Tag titles could be a big step for 205 Live. With more to fight over, odds are we’ll get more matches that lead to something instead of a handful of one-offs in between the feud or two that take place each week.

With the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament already a success, garnering praise from fans and critics alike, and an addition of tag titles, things are looking bright for 205 Live

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