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Could the WWE introduce a Women’s Tag Team Championship?

With the current roster that the WWE has, the company isn’t lacking when it comes to talent. Many agree that this is by far the greatest roster the company has had in a while, at least from the standpoint of in-ring talent. And with an ever-increasing roster, along with multiple shows on the WWE Network like 205 Live and NXT, it’s important to have something for everyone to fight over.

This has been an issue with the women’s division over the past few years. While the Women’s Revolution/Evolution has completely changed the way WWE looks at its female competitors, it has been noticeably difficult to keep feuds going in that division without it revolving around one of the women’s championships.

With twenty-two women split between Raw and Smackdown, and a huge talent pool hanging around in NXT, many fans have been wanting the company to add a Women’s Tag Team Championship to their list of titles. Well, it seems that we may actually get a women’s tag division on the main roster.

According to Belt Fan Dan, someone who has broken many stories involving WWE’s championships has stated on Reddit that the WWE plan on adding a Women’s Tag Team Championship, Ring Side News reported.

Belt Fan Dan leaked images of various designs for the WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships earlier this month before 205 Live began planting seeds for the division. He also stated back in August that NXT would eventually add a mid-card title to their brand, which was officially named the NXT North American Championship.

Belt Fan Dan said that the titles would debut around Summerslam.

Would you like to see a women’s tag team division? Who would you like to see hold the titles on Raw and Smackdown?

  • Darrin Tyler

    They easily have enough woman to have tag teams. For years now actually. They should have done this year’s ago.

  • CC

    There are way too many titles already, and with the whole solo branded PPVs being a thing of the past after WM, another pair of titles makes no sense.

  • MindTricked

    This has been my feeling on the subject for a couple of months now.

  • Big C

    WWE expects titles to make a star or story matter, they can, but I think there are too many titles and WWE (and the stars) need to be careful that the titles do not substitute good character development and story telling.

  • Greg Bush

    Yeah, hard to disagree with that.

  • Greg Bush

    Sigh…I thought I fixed that.

  • Sparti Love

    This would only work if the tag title is for both shows. Two separate tag titles would bomb.

  • CC

    I will admit that I do not watch 205 live religiously, but when did they announce the tag title? I thought that was still just a rumour.