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WWE introduces new Championship at Greatest Royal Rumble

Braun Strowman with the Greatest Royal Rumble Championship

For the longest time the prize for the winner of the Greatest Royal Rumble was not revealed and prior to the event, there were all kinds of rumors about it.

Then just hours before the show started, WWE posted photos of a big trophy which led to many believe that it will be the only reward for the winner of this 50 Men Battle Royal.

However, the company surprised everyone by introducing a brand new championship at the end of the show which was given to the winner of the Battle Royal Braun Strowman.

At this point not many details about the title are available and the company is referring to it as the Greatest Royal Rumble Championship on their website.

Now it’d be interesting if this title turns to be similar to other currently active Championship or have a different set of rules altogether like the Hardcore Championship.

  • Soulshroude

    Oh, look. WWE is trying to copy TNA’s “King of the Mountain” Championship with this piece of work. Isn’t that cute.

  • Omar

    I doubt it will be used anywhere else. It has the Saudi royal family crest on it.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    The title might just be The Greatest Royal Rumble Champion that Braun Strowman gets to keep but who knows. I guess we have to wait until Monday night Raw. This probably keeps the Strowman fans happy until WM 35 were Strowman walks out Unversal champion but I think he going to win it at Summerslam.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I’ve always been a fan of battle royals I wouldn’t be mad at seeing them ALITTLE, bit more. However, that would be weird title condition.