WWE Introducing Courses to Developmental Talents for Finances and More

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter



– WWE are starting to introduce Personal Life Development courses for new talent signed and sent to developmental in Tampa, Florida. The courses are being done to help prepare the younger talents for changes in life when going on the road, experiencing fame and to help them develop skills and solutions for out-of-the-ring issues that can hurt their career.

WWE is also offering Personal Finance Education classes to all talents, working with Fidelity Investments, focusing on the importance of financial planning, saving for the long-term, balancing portfolios and managing financial responsibilities.

Also being offered are workshops on how talents can get the best health insurance for themselves and their families since WWE doesn’t provide it. Media training workshops to teach talent how to best present themselves to the media and best present the WWE brand to the media are also being done. WWE is bringing in Kathleen Hessert, the president of Sports Media Challenge, for these workshops.

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