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WWE Issues Official Statement on Finn Balor’s Injury

  • D2K

    You are incorrect. Hardcore Holly did NOT sandbag Lesnar.

    In an interview with Jason Solomon a.k.a. Solomonster on TV Trax Holly stated that HE botched the move. He pushed off too early and the timing got messed up. With a power-bomb the person being power-bombed must push off with there legs simultaneously while the other person lifts up.

    It looked like he sandbagged Lesnar, but it was an botch on his part. He said that Brock got reamed by John Laurinaitis backstage for being reckless but Holly took up for him. He also said Brock was generally concerned for Holly’s health and would call him all the time to check on him afterwards. I would post link to the Youtube video but they don’t let you do that here. So look it up on your own.

    It’s a good interview besides all that anyway.

  • MrDr3w

    Also, when has Brock Lesnar ever botched a move and injured an opponent? I know you’re not talking about the match with Hardcore Holly back in 2002, because it’s common knowledge that that was Holly’s fault for sandbagging Lesnar.

  • MrDr3w

    You do know that they practice these spots several times with each other before the show, right? They wouldn’t let him go through with it if it was really dangerous. Injuries are a part of athletics. Sometimes things will go wrong. It happens. Oh well. If you can’t understand that concept, then you probably shouldn’t be watching WWE.

  • what?

    Right on

  • what?

    Seth is a joke how many more people does that clown have to hurt until something happens?

  • MrDr3w

    In case you didn’t know, or you’re just one of those people who trashes WWE without knowing a thing about other organizations in the industry, Rollins has been wrestling and winning titles around all the world since 2005. If he was “unsafe” in the ring, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    And so, the botch master continues without being disciplined. Thanks, Seth. First it was Sting with that running powerbomb to the corner, ending his career. Than it was Cena with high knee to the nose. Now it’s Balor with that same running powerbomb? Dude, your recklessly endangering your opponents and yet, not disciplined even slightly. Guess you and Brock have something in common.