WWE issuing pay-raises to NXT Superstars who sign multi-year contracts

WWE has been signing a truckload of talent as of late. These young Superstars are given the best training facilities in the world at the Performance Center and are given opportunities to make a name for themselves in NXT.



However, not all Superstars are happy with their financial gains from the contracts they’ve signed with the company. One such Superstar, as we previously reported, is Taynara Conti, who reportedly quit the company after financial disputes.

Now, Fightful reports that the company is giving out pay-raises to Superstars but there’s more to it. These raises are being handed to Superstars who agree to sign a new multi-year contract with the company.

The tenure of these new contracts will be three years long. Furthermore, it was also noted that not all of the talent who’ve been offered these new deals have signed them.

Although it is nowhere close to the main-roster money, it is still an important upgrade from their current pay. The Superstars in the locker room believe that they should “better be getting” these pay-raises.


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