WWE and John Cena Battle WWE Network Chants at RAW, Several Edits Made for TV

– WWE did not want the WWE Network mentioned in the ring during last night’s RAW from Liverpool to the Network UK launch debacle. There was a massive “where’s our Network?” chant during the opening segment that was edited out. It was said that John Cena managed to turn the chants around on the fans and they weren’t brought back up much more after the opening segment.



Part of the chants made it to TV during The Authority’s entrance but many chants were edited out. There were also no Network mentions on the big screen, including the Vince McMahon apology video that has been booed all week on the tour.

There were also loud fan chants for “ICW” at last night’s RAW, referring to Glasgow’s Insane Championship Wrestling.

Source: F4Wnoline.com

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