WWE Just Fired Big Name: ‘It’s Not A Budget Cut’

Longtime WWE writer Nick Manfredini played a major role in creating Bray Wyatt’s promos. It has been reported that the writer recently left the company, according to Fightful Select. It is unknown whether Manfredini left on his own or was let go. It has been rumored that budget cuts in WWE are looming.



Sean Sapp reported earlier today that, “Nick Manfredini left the company earlier this year. Manfredini had been with WWE for well over a decade, having joined the fold in the spring of 2010. Manfredini was heavily influential in the creation and creative of the Firefly Fun House segments.” It was also noted that they could not confirm “of Manfedini left of his own volition or was let go.”

The release is reportedly not part of the budget cuts

Ringside News recently shared some information on the issue to clear up any misconceptions. The outlet reported that they were told by someone from the WWE creative team that Nick Manfredini was fired. He did not quit the job, either.

The outlet also confirmed that Nick Manfredini losing his job had absolutely nothing to do with budget cuts. It can be assumed that the call was made to end his time in WWE. We will have to see what is next for the Firefly Fun House, a segment Nick Manfredini was passionate about and heavily involved with.

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