WWE Launches Recruiting Site, Lists Qualities They Are Looking For

– Despite WWE dropping the FCW name in favor of NXT, they have opened a new recruiting website at FCWRECRUIT.com. The website features frequently asked questions, tips and everything else needed for people who are interested in becoming a WWE Superstar. There is also an application that you can fill out online. Here are qualities that WWE says they are looking for in new talents:



* Athletic – Willing and able to engage in intense, physically demanding activities on a daily basis. WWE is a highly athletic style of performance that requires individuals be in excellent physical condition. All prospective Talent are required to pass a rigorous medical evaluation prior to joining WWE.

* Charismatic – Do you have “IT?” Do you stand out in a crowd? Do you have a special or magnetic charm or appeal?

* Determined – A strong conviction to succeed coupled with physical and mental strength. Gaining knowledge of WWE’s in-ring product requires the constant application of lessons taught both in and out of the ring. WWE is looking for individuals who are consistently willing go the extra mile.

* Coachable – The ability to listen and learn. Successful superstars are good listeners, open-minded and adaptable.

* Professional – Be held to a high standard of conduct at all times. As public figures, WWE Superstars are subject to the same scrutiny as other sports figures or celebrities and, as such, are expected to act accordingly both in and outside the ring. All prospective superstars are required to pass extensive background, nudity and criminal searches prior to joining WWE.

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