WWE Legend Brutally Insults Autistic Child

Sean Morley, who was known as Val Venis in WWE, has faced numerous challenges in maintaining a Twitter presence throughout the years. However, his use of the platform has not been without controversy. Morley has utilized Twitter as a medium to disseminate misinformation, particularly by endorsing QAnon-related conspiracy theories regarding Hunter Biden and human trafficking.



In January 2021, Morley embarked on a bizarre tirade, making audacious claims of possessing photographic evidence implicating Hunter Biden in acts of child molestation and cocaine use. He further alleged that he possessed evidence of Biden engaging in drug use with Malia Obama, the daughter of former President Barack Obama. It quickly became evident that these claims were unfounded and the supposed evidence was nothing more than a fabrication. Prior to Twitter taking action against him, Morley preemptively deleted his account, perhaps in an attempt to evade suspension.

It is worth noting that Morley’s provocative statements and extreme right-wing views had already drawn criticism, leading to accusations that he was being silenced by the social media platform. However, the primary concern lies in the dissemination of baseless conspiracy theories that contribute to the spread of misinformation and can potentially harm individuals and public discourse.

In addition to his involvement in conspiracy theories, Morley made controversial statements regarding autism. He expressed the misguided belief that most autistic individuals are easily manipulated and questioned whether vaccines administered to infants could be a contributing factor to the development of autism. These statements not only lack scientific foundation but also perpetuate harmful misconceptions about autism, further stigmatizing and marginalizing individuals on the autism spectrum.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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