WWE Legend Calls Fired Star ‘Liar Scum’

It appears that there is a palpable tension between Booker T and former WWE Superstar Ahmed Johnson, as evidenced by Booker T’s recent comments on his Hall of Fame podcast, responding to accusations made by Johnson in an interview with WrestlingNews.Co. Booker T unequivocally dismissed the claims and expressed a strong aversion towards Johnson, labeling him as a dishonest individual.



Booker T made it clear that he had no intention of giving credence to Johnson’s statements, asserting that he perceives Johnson as a deceitful and contemptible person. Booker T also highlighted Johnson’s alleged history of dishonesty, referencing false claims about his past involvement with the Dallas Cowboys. Booker T went further to emphasize that Johnson’s real name is Tony Norris, and that WWE exclusively owns the rights to the name Ahmed Johnson.

“If Ahmed Johnson is doing conventions and stuff now, if he wants to say something to me about this, because I’m sure he’s gonna hear about it, I’m not gonna ever acknowledge him because like I said, he’s a lying, lowdown, scum. I’ll never acknowledge him, but if he ever acknowledged me, I would definitely proceed. I just wanted to put that out there.”

“Like I said, he’s a notorious liar. He said he played for the Dallas Cowboys. He said he was in a game. If you played for the Dallas Cowboys, anybody from ’85 to ’95, go look on any scroll, and I’m not gonna even call him Ahmed Johnson anymore because that’s not his name. His name is Tony Norris. That’s what his name is. WWE owns Ahmed Johnson, okay. He’s not Ahmed Johnson. He’s Tony Norris. Like I said, if I ever see him, you know, we’ll deal if he wants to say something to me, but for me, for my part, I’m never going to acknowledge someone like him because I know what kind of person I am and to hear someone like him disparage me

Despite Johnson’s public remarks, Booker T maintained his position of refusing to engage with someone he deems untrustworthy and unworthy of acknowledgment. However, he made it known that if Johnson were to approach him directly, he would be willing to address the situation accordingly.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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