WWE Legend Calls Jon Moxley ‘Future Drug Addict’

During a recent edition of ‘The Jim Cornette Experience’, former WWE writer and acclaimed professional wrestling manager, Jim Cornette along with his co-host, Brian Last discussed former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley’s upcoming IWGP US title match against Japanese wrestling legend, Yugi Nagata for the May 12th edition of AEW Dynamite. Becky Lynch’s Famous Ex-Boyfriend Was ‘Fired.’



During the preview however, Cornette noted how Moxley is going to be included during an upcoming edition of Vice’s ‘Dark Side of the Ring’ which according to Cornette ‘has nothing to do with wrestling at all’ as the topic will be about independent death match star Nick Gage. This is where the famed wrestling personality went off on his professional distain for Moxley, detailed his disgust for ‘glorification’ of death match wrestling and ended his thoughts by proclaiming a wild drug claim regarding the former AEW World Champion. Wrestling-Edge transcribed Cornette’s comments below.

This major Jon Moxley WWE return offer recently leaked. Cornette: So I knew I never liked Moxley and I grew to like him less every time I see him work and hear him talk. Somebody had told me that he started out in the garbage promotions so I figure, okay that another reason why he doesn’t have any idea on how to have a wrestling match. Now I know that he start out there and loved it but secretly he wants to go back to having his garbage death matches. That’s why he does it every time he gets a feature match and he fucks that up for AEW.

If I was a billionaire owner of a wrestling promotion and this guy was my ex WWE star, former champion do you think I would want him on a documentary praising a drug addict, bank robber and a garbage death match guy? No wonder kids getting into the business think this is okay because the people that they’re supposed to look up to are glorifying this stuff. So, I don’t like anything about Jon Moxley at all. I don’t like the way he thinks, I don’t like the way he works, I don’t like the way he looks, I don’t like the way he talks. He does a great promo if he looked like anybody else. At heart? Moxley is a garbage, death match punk and one of these days he’ll end up addicted to drugs or robbing banks like his slum, sewer rat friends.

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