WWE Legend Defends Hulk Hogan’s Racism

WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan, despite being a monumental figure in professional wrestling, has faced significant controversies, particularly concerning racism allegations. In 2015, his reputation took a severe hit when recordings of his racist remarks were made public. These tapes, recorded by his former friend Todd Clem (also known as Bubba the Love Sponge), captured Hogan using racial slurs while discussing his daughter Brooke’s ex-boyfriend.



The release of these recordings led to a major scandal, causing Hogan to issue an apology and file a lawsuit against the media outlet Gawker for publishing parts of the tape. The incident resulted in WWE severing ties with Hogan in 2015 and temporarily removing him from their history.

Recently, the Twitter account WrestleFeatures highlighted Hogan’s interest in running for President, but also labeled him as a known racist. This prompted former WWE star Val Venis to defend Hogan on Twitter, criticizing WrestleFeatures and asserting that Hogan is not a racist.

Venis then went on to state that while Hogan, like everyone else, is a sinner, he has accepted Jesus Christ as his savior, giving importance to his belief in redemption and grace.


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter has been a huge pro wrestling fan since 2002, and it's been his first love ever since then. He has years of writing experience for all things pro wrestling. His interests outside of wrestling include films, books and soccer.

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