WWE Legend Goes On Sad Homophobic Meltdown

Val Venis, a prominent figure known for his outspoken right-wing views, has not shied away from expressing his opinions, with a recent focus on a contentious issue—pronouns—escalating into a full-fledged expression of homophobia. It is important to note that the following content may be triggering for some readers.



Val Venis appears resolute in disseminating his right-wing message, seemingly indifferent to potential backlash or the sensitivities of those he might offend. His array of opinions seems to be expanding, with little regard for the consequences. Notably, Val Venis is known for his involvement in the marijuana industry, a fact that may contribute to the financial independence allowing him to maintain his controversial stance.

On Christmas Day, Val Venis elevated the intensity of his rhetoric by asserting that individuals identifying as homosexual are, in his view, “captured and imprisoned by Satan.” This inflammatory statement reflects a concerning perspective on the LGBTQ+ community, suggesting a belief system that may be at odds with prevailing attitudes of acceptance and inclusivity.

It is crucial to approach Val Venis’s statements with a critical eye, considering his history of disseminating sensational and unverified information. Previously, he propagated a false rumor about The Pope being arrested and made other outlandish claims, such as asserting that The Rock had “sold his soul to the devil.” The context surrounding these remarks raises questions about the credibility and reliability of Val Venis’s statements.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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