WWE Legend Goes To Hospital Before Survivor Series




Lance Storm is a proper veteran in the world of professional wrestling. After he ended his in-ring career, Lance Storm has enjoyed a quiet life out of the spotlight and even joined Impact Wrestling as a producer earlier this year.

The former WWE Superstar raised concerns afterhe posted an update from the Calgary hospital stating that he is waiting for a chest x-ray.

“Update. Calgary hospital wait times are atrocious. Waiting for a chest X-ray. They figure pneumonia in my right side.”

Lance Storm followed it up with another tweet informing his fans that he underwent a CT scan to determine if there was a blood clot in his lungs.

“Update: Blood work showed some concerns, so I just had a fusion (?) CT Scan. To rule a blood clot in my lungs. So good times,”

Storm then revealed the following as well:

 “CT scan came back good so no blood clot. Just bronchitis. Heading home finally.”

Lance Storm’s WWE career only lasted 5 years before he was released in 2005. After his WWE departure, Storm wrestled on the independent circuit until 2016 when he wrestled his last match against Matt Hardy.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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