WWE Legend Hospital Death Bed Video Revealed

Antonio Inoki has immense contribution to the pro wrestling world. A video clip has recently emerged that features Inoki on the bed and he sent a message which turned out to be his last. He is well known for his 1976 fight against Muhammad Ali, where they went to a draw. Another massive accomplishment of his was starting New Japan Pro Wrestling, which is still thriving to this day.



The WWE Hall of Famer then spent some of his later days as a politician in Japan. His contributions to martial arts and pro wrestling will last a lifetime. Inoki was also a tremendous ambassador for professional wrestling, bringing major events to places like Russia and China. And in 2010, WWE welcomed Inoki into the WWE Hall of Fame Class.

Bas Rutten opens up on Antonio Inoki

Bas Rutten recently revealed a story about drinking with Antonio Inoki, following the devastating news about Inoki’s death on October 1.

During an interview with MMA Sucka, Rutten paid respects to Inoki by sharing this story:

“Antonio Inoki was there, and they heard about me that I was a fast beer drinker. But he was the best and he could beat me, and I go, ‘No, I don’t wanna do it.’ ‘Oh, you’re afraid.’ ‘No, I’m afraid to beat him, and I don’t want to embarrass him in front of everybody else.’

“I said this on purpose because now, of course, he wanna do it. Inoki was there, and myself and he had these big beers, and everybody goes and goes. I put it down, and I go, see I know I win… the third one was Antonio Inoki. I said, ‘I told you I didn’t wanna beat you.'”

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