WWE Legend Hospitalized After Raw In Rough Photo

Marty Jannetty got hospitalized again for his ankle issue. The wrestler went under the knife for the same health concern in 2020. Notably, Marty hasn’t been on WWE television for a considerable time, but he kept wrestling until 2018. Marty is the same person whom Shawn Michaels sent through the barber shop window back in 1992.



30 years have gone by since the incident, but the wrestler’s health seems to be deteriorating. While Jannetty tried to laugh it off in his Facebook post, a situation causing so many concerns can be a sign of a severe problem for the wrestler. He wrote:

I’m very proud to say that ankle right there it’s just slightly damaged from all them years of putting my foot in people’s rear end, otherwise called ass and jumping off top ropes to the floor not just into the ring but to the floor and I’m very proud to say I’ll do it again right now I ain’t scared well wait a minute swaggy just looked at me and extended is claws which means don’t you even try oh well it was a fun thought.

Whether that issue is internal or external is something that needs to be seen. WWE has not issued any statement on this matter as of this writing, and there are unlikely chances they will make any statement until the situation is grave or even worse.

It also tells you about how and why you need to take care of your well-being while entertaining the fans. WWE Universe would love any and every action, but it’s your body that takes a toll. It’s the internal organs that keep telling you to put the brake on the paddle and either stop completely or think of other options.

The bodies are designed to take the pressure up to a certain extent. The additional pressure will surely impact the body and so it’s important to invest in your health before getting into any problem. WWE superstars and wrestlers, in general, should learn from this incident and take appropriate action before it’s too late.

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