WWE Legend Hospitalized With Sepsis And Infection

Wrestling legend “Dirty” Dutch Mantell, also known as Zeb Coulter during his time in WWE, has been hospitalized since the beginning of December due to illness. On December 4th, he shared with fans that he had been sick for over a week and was receiving medical care.



In a recent update on his Facebook page, Mantell informed fans about his condition. He revealed that he had developed an infection that progressed to sepsis by the time he reached the hospital. Despite being in and out of consciousness, Mantell expressed gratitude for the support and prayers from fans. He credited his daughter, Amanda, for being by his side throughout, ensuring that doctors and nurses were on top of his care.

Mantell explained that sepsis can cause confusion and led him to say some unusual things, which is why his daughter requested no calls or texts. After five days of intravenous antibiotics and ten days of oral antibiotics, he was transferred to a rehab facility for continued recovery. Mantell acknowledged that he would need physical therapy to regain strength and mentioned that if all continues to improve, he should be able to return home the following week.

Wrestling legend “Dirty” Dutch Mantell, known as Zeb Coulter during his time in WWE, has been hospitalized since the beginning of December.

Mantell announced back on December 4th, that he had been hospitalized after being sick for over a week. He provided an update over the weekend on his condition, revealing that he had an infection which turned to sepsis. Mantell added that he has been transferred to a rehab facility, and should be able to return home sometime next week.

Mantell wrote the following on his Facebook, updating fans on his condition.

“Hey guys. First off thank you for all the prayers and well wishes. I am just now realizing how many there were. The good news is I am on the mend and doing better.

In a nutshell, I had an infection and it turned into sepsis by the time I got to the hospital. I have been pretty out of it but my daughter Amanda has been here the whole time and kept the drs and nurses straight! To be fair though I think even if I had died, she would have just had me stuffed and said no you can’t leave yet. Sepsis can make you very confused and say some pretty out there things which is why she requested no one call or text me. We needed time for those antiobotics to do their thing. 5 days of IV antiobotics and 10 days of oral. The drs are watching everything very close to make sure it’s cleared and not coming back.

I am being very well taken care of. I have been transferred to a rehab facility for now. I will be here a while longer as I get my strength back and will have to do physical therapy. If all continues to improve I should be able to go home next week. It’s not time to tap out just yet, so you guys are going to have to listen to my bullshit a while longer. Thanks again guys.”

Despite the health challenges, Mantell expressed a resilient spirit, humorously noting that it’s not time to “tap out” just yet, and his fans will have to endure his “bullshit” a while longer.

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