WWE Legend Insulted ‘Bum’ Hulk Hogan At Show

Ken Patera, a legendary wrestler in his own right, recently recounted his first encounter with Hulk Hogan and the latter’s in-ring debut in the WWE. Hogan is widely considered one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time, having held multiple titles during his active career and being integral to the pro wrestling business gaining mainstream popularity. Hogan even threatened an AEW star on the phone once. However, Patera revealed that Hogan’s early days in the ring were not the best.



During an interview with Wrestling Epicenter, Patera provided a detailed account of his first meeting with Hogan. He recalled that he had seen Hogan’s first match in the WWF in 1980 at the Allentown Fairgrounds. Hogan had approached Patera and introduced himself, saying, “Hi, you’re Ken Patera.” Patera responded affirmatively, and Hogan proceeded to inform him that he had previously wrestled in Florida. Patera then watched Hogan’s match, which he described as “horrible,” saying,

“I was like, ‘God! Where did this f***ing bum come from!’ But he was just green. He had only been wrestling for maybe not even a year at that point.”

Despite Hogan’s shaky start in the WWE, Patera explained how he eventually transformed into one of the most popular stars in the business. He emphasized that Hogan followed the process and worked hard to improve his skills. According to Patera, every aspect of life involves a process, whether it’s selling cars or performing brain surgery. He stressed that it’s essential to follow the process if one wants to succeed and that disregarding it could lead to failure.

“But, after a while, a short while, he started to get it (…) And, he followed the process! Everything you do in life, I don’t care if it is selling cars or being a brain surgeon; there is a process! If you don’t follow the process, you don’t make it! That is what life is all about. You don’t go off doing a bunch of hair-brained stuff, or else you end up being a dumb f***! [laughs] You’ll never amount to shit!”

Patera’s insights into Hogan’s early days in the WWE offer a unique perspective on the legendary wrestler’s rise to fame. Hogan’s debut match may have been less than impressive, but his dedication and hard work eventually led to him becoming one of the most beloved and iconic figures in the history of professional wrestling. Hogan’s journey serves as a reminder that success requires persistence, dedication, and a willingness to learn from one’s mistakes.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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