WWE Legend Suffered Heart Attack At Airport

WWE star Bray Wyatt recently broke his silence on WCW legend Barry Windham’s health scare. Windham is certainly one of the greatest stars of the promotion and he has been part of several iconic matches during his separate stints with WWE and WCW. Unfortunately, the WWE Hall of Famer has been fighting for his life after suffering a major heart attack.



The 62-year-old suffered a heart attack while traveling through the Atlanta airport. This news was shared by Windham’s niece, Mika Rotunda (the sister of Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas). Mika has since set up a fundraiser to help Windham’s family pay for medical expenses.

An update also emerged regarding his health.  WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson recently revealed the incident that took place at the airport.

Arn Anderson opens up on the matter

While speaking on the Ask Arn Live podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson shared more details concerning Barry Windham’s shocking incident. Anderson revealed that a passerby at the airport noticed Windham’s condition after he suffered a heart attack and immediately gave him CPR, thereby saving his life.

“Thank God, God sent an angel to him. Some guy looked over and knew what he was looking at. Started doing CPR and saved his life until the paramedics got there. Whoever this guy was, he saved one of our people. You know I’d love for him to identify himself and us try to repay him. I don’t think you can repay him fully but to do something nice for him because he damn sure did something nice for us, he saved Barry’s life.”

Windham’s family is planning to raise $200,000 to cover up the medical expenses. If one is willing to help the family in this hardship, here’s the link for the GoFundMe for Barry Windham.
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