WWE Legend Suffers Health Emergency Before Crown Jewel

While WWE has had a rich history populated by a myriad of intriguing personalities, only a select few have been granted their own spotlight on the critically acclaimed series, Dark Side of the Ring. Among these personalities is Marty Jannetty, who, despite refuting certain aspects of the documentary, could not entirely evade some of the controversial segments. Notably, the documentary delved into his purported confession to a murder, which later turned out to be a mere ploy within the realm of professional wrestling, hastily abandoned when law enforcement came knocking.



Regrettably, Jannetty’s days in the wrestling ring have been definitively cut short, supported by the tangible evidence of his X-rays, a testament to the toll that his career and life have exacted upon his body. Recently, Jannetty has been more present in the media, often showcasing his characteristic candor during interviews. In a recent revelation, the former Rocker and New Rocker disclosed details of a drug-fueled party allegedly hosted by Hulk Hogan.

Taking to Facebook, Jannetty candidly informed his fans about a distressing turn in his foot health, resulting from a medication mishap that led to excessive thinning of his blood and subsequent leakage. He narrated the ordeal of having to apply the wraps himself, under the telephonic guidance of his trusted doctor, Lee McCluskey. Despite enduring excruciating pain, Jannetty managed to adeptly rewrap his foot, expressing gratitude towards his reliable physician and showcasing a humorous touch by offering his wrapping services to others in need.

In his recent online activity, Jannetty made headlines by claiming to have rejected advances from Tammy Lynn Sytch and sharing an enigmatic post about Kamala, adding to the ongoing intrigue surrounding his persona. As his story continues to unfold, Jannetty remains a compelling figure within the fabric of WWE’s colorful history.

So things went kinda roughly in the past 48 hours..there was a mistake with my medication which thinned my blood so much that it more than leaked. But I must say, my bestest Dr in the world Lee McCluskey actually coached me through changing the bloody wraps over the phone..it was extra tricky because the pain in that ankle was and still is off the charts right now even after taking my wrong strength medicine(not strong enough)..but as you can see, we got it done. Thank you Lee, you’re still THE BEST!! Loves ya my brother…

PS- I’m getting fairly good at rewrapping myself..if you need rewrapping just give me a call, lol…BTW, the Party With Marty podcast last night got some great reviews this morning as our best one to date. They will continue to improve as that is our way, always better today than yesterday.

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