WWE Legend Was Paralyzed After Collapsing

Dutch Mantell has revealed that Jerry Lawler was temporarily paralyzed during his stroke.



“LATEST UPDATE ON LAWLER: LAWLER experienced paralysis on his right side immediately following the stroke. Latest news has reported that he has regained partial use of his arm. His speech is still affected but that takes a bit more time. But he’s improving.”

Former WWE writer Vince Russo recently talked about The Judgement Day member Rhea Ripley. He believes that she needs to “get rid of all that goth stuff” in order to make herself more aesthetically pleasing if she’s going to be a babyface champion.

Ripley won this year’s Women’s Royal Rumble match by last eliminating Liv Morgan. ‘The Eradicator’ revealed that her knee was dislocated briefly during the match. She revealed that it would pop back into place, and “it’s good” now. Ripley was able to enjoy a record stay in the Royal Rumble Match, lasting over an hour en route to her victory. Ripley announced her opponent for WrestleMania 39. She is set to get a WWE SmackDown Women’s title shot against Charlotte Flair at the massive event.

Speaking on Writing with Russo, the veteran writer expressed his belief that the company is about to turn Ripley babyface and what that could mean for her future.

“So now, you’re getting into that Roman Reigns area again. I would do it, bro, if the plans were to slowly but surely turn Rhea Ripley babyface. Get rid of all that goth stuff; let’s really see what a beautiful woman she is if that were the plan. If she is the heel WWE Women’s Champion, I mean, what are we going to do, have Becky beat her? Like, how many times are we going to go back to that well? And if it’s not Becky, then who is it?”

Continuing, Russo said that while Ripley is more than able to best Charlotte Flair during their next meeting, he doesn’t believe much of the women’s roster is credible against the member of The Judgment Day due to her size and strength advantages.

“I believe Rhea Ripley can beat Charlotte Flair. Rhea Ripley is a beast. She is a big woman. I’d believe that if she beats Charlotte, I believe it. But my problem really is, bro, so now would you have Rhea Ripley as a heel champion, and then because she is bigger and just more impressive than the other girls? You know, we’ve got the Candice LeRaes, and we’ve got the Alexa Blisses, we’ve got these girls that are like, Rhea Ripley would kill them!”

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