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WWE looking to revive Tough Enough?

Tough Enough

Regardless of your opinions on Tough Enough, the show has definitely brought some interesting moments and superstars to the WWE. We’ve seen some interesting talent make their dreams come true after taking part in the show.

When thinking of Tough Enough, stars like John Morrison, Ryback, The Miz, and most recently, The Velveteen Dream and Mandy Rose come to mind. Several competitors in the show have also found a career outside of the WWE, like the Lucha Underground talents Matt Cross (Son of Havoc) and Ivelisse Vélez, along with ROH’s Kenny King.

It looks like WWE is still hoping to bring in some more undiscovered talent with the series, as they have officially filed for the Tough Enough trademark as of March 5th. The WWE has reportedly been preparing for a project already, looking to find a new female star, and while it was believed that this would be the revival of the Diva Search, it’s more likely that will be the new season of Tough Enough.

  • CC

    This story comes up every six months or so I am sure. Last I remember reading it I am sure there was mention of it after the Fox deal was done.

  • Keith Learmonth

    We literally already know that the thing to find a new female star is WWE Superstar Search. You guys reported on names WWE has contacted for it just days ago.

    Content of the article aside, though, I’d be fine with them doing a new Tough Enough series, if they make a condition of entry that you have to have at least a year of indy wrestling experience. Get people who know the basics, and know that it’s not always easy to be on the road, and you’ll get people with a real passion for the business, and maybe Tough Enough will generate a successul winner beyond John Morrison.