WWE Lose Ex-World Champion At Royal Rumble

Rey Mysterio is a wrestling legend who has worked for years in the business. The masked legend has made a name for himself by fighting guys twice his size. He has been a part of the injury debacle in the process and has suffered various of them in his lengthy career.



The former world heavyweight champion was scheduled to be in the Royal Rumble event. His theme song even played at number 17, but much to the disappointment of the fans he didn’t show up. Contrary to it, his son Dominik made his entrance and he came in with a mask on his face.

Dominik destroyed the mask up the ramp and lasted longer than expected in the Royal Rumble match in the event of the same name. According to the wrestling news journalist Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, Rey was scheduled to be a part of the show, but a last minute injury took him off the show.

Rey Mysterio was injured last night during the Loredo Smackdown tapings against Karrion Kross, he was going to be in the Rumble, but that spot was changed. What happened was they did a spot where he’s supposed to come out, but didn’t come out, and then Dominik comes out. I think they were supposed to do some teases with them at in the Rumble to set up their WrestleMania match.

Obviously they couldn’t do that because Rey was injured. And Dominik, I guess, came out with Rey’s mask, with the idea that somehow Judgment Day beat up Rey backstage and Dominik had the mask and that’s the way they’re going to do the angle. Hopefully Rey’s injury isn’t serious, but I guess it was serious enough that he couldn’t do what was planned in the match.

The health and safety of its performers is of top most priority for the WWE. The wellness team and the doctors in the division ensure that the wrestlers are safe and sound at all times.

Rey’s absence at the show halted their ongoing feud where the son, Dominik interfered in the Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations of the masked luchador. The company had plans for the two to throw some punches at each other at the show, but the injury took that away.

It would be interesting to see how the WWE brings this storyline in place as Rhea Ripley, who is called Mami in this storyline won the Women’s Royal Rumble. She would be in her own storyline now, so it would be interesting to see if the WWE brings this storyline to the forefront on the following episodes of Monday Night Raw.

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