WWE Lose Three Ex-Champions After SummerSlam

The intense rivalry between wrestling powerhouses Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes reached its climactic conclusion at SummerSlam, where “The American Nightmare” emerged victorious in their highly anticipated rubber match. The electrifying bout not only provided closure to their trilogy of clashes but also set the stage for a dramatic post-match moment, as Lesnar humbly raised Rhodes’ hand in a display of sportsmanship and mutual respect.



Wrestling Observer’s esteemed commentator, Dave Meltzer, has now offered an insightful update on Lesnar’s immediate future within the world of professional wrestling.

Meltzer’s revelations shed light on Lesnar’s upcoming schedule, which diverges from the anticipated trajectory. Initially, the wrestler had been slated to make an appearance at one of the upcoming pay-per-view events later in the year. However, it has now been confirmed that Lesnar will be taking an extended hiatus, with his return not anticipated until the bustling WrestleMania season. This hiatus, estimated to span at least the next four months, underscores Lesnar’s unique status within the WWE landscape, as he continues to operate on a part-time basis, gracing the ring only on selected occasions.

Brock was originally advertised on one of the pay-per-views later this year, but he’s not gonna be on it.

He’s going to be gone for a while. No time soon, as far as [the] next four months or something like that … I mean, he’ll be back for [Wrestle]Mania season. He is coming back. So that’s the situation with him.

Throughout the current year, Lesnar’s involvement in WWE has been notable. Beginning with his entry into the 2023 men’s Royal Rumble match, he has actively engaged in a series of high-profile clashes. A memorable encounter with Bobby Lashley at Elimination Chamber saw Lesnar on the receiving end of a disqualification loss. Subsequently, he embarked on a brief but intense rivalry with the imposing figure of Omos, culminating in a monumental collision between the two titans on the grand stage of WrestleMania 39’s second night.

Ronda Rousey is also indefinitely gone from WWE, but still on the internal roster. Sonya Deville tore her ACL, and will be out for an extended period.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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