WWE Losing Massive Raw TV Deal?

WWE and Hulu have been in a business partnership since 2012. The ten-year deal with the two parties sharing content seems to be over. According to a report from PWInsider, the contract expired on September 25th and the content should have been out already.



On the contrary, there’s still WWE content on Hulu, and that’s because WWE held talks in the middle. WWE content on Hulu once again has an expiration date. It was said that most of the content has an expiration date of 9 or 10 days. No new shows could be seen on the streaming platform.

Hulu is primarily owned by Disney and NBCUniversal owns the remaining stake. Both Disney and NBCUniversal are partners with WWE to varying degrees. WWE has been in a business relationship with Hulu since 2012, but that’s likely ending.

WWE content has been on multiple streaming services for the past several years. Due to this, not everyone can actually get to see their content because of various streaming issues. Peacock has had issues in streaming things over the last various pay-per-views.

The big question remains if WWE and Hulu will come to a common ground and agree on the content aspect of things. Their decision impacts the WWE Universe and it ensures that the fans can watch the content on the platform from all possible places.

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