WWE Mailed Trash Bags To Three Female Stars

WWE also sent trash bags full of gear, sometimes the wrong gear, to Gail Kim, Jillian Hall, and Maria Kanellis when they were fired, in addition to Mickie James. Vince McMahon Fired Multiple Big WWE Names on Thursday.



David Bixenpan tweeted, “This is getting slept on, but both Gail Kim (here at 9:24 p.m.) and Jillian Hall (replying to Mickie James on IG at ~5:00 p.m.) have indicated that during the 1st John Laurinaitis regime, they *also* received their belongings in trash bags when fired.

I’m told they’re not alone.”

“As I was saying:

It’s not a Mark Carrano problem. It may not even be a John Laurinaitis problem. It’s a company culture problem at WWE that goes straight to the top.

They acted fast because it’s Q1 report day & the optics of only female talent being treated this way are so bad.”

Gail Kim said after Mark Carrano was fired by WWE for the Mickie James incident, “I know the WWE trolls are going to come for me, but Mark was not a good human being. I don’t think he should necessarily get blamed for this incident but I hope this karma makes him realize and wake up. Be a nice human and maybe things will change for you @TheHeaterMC.” Stephanie McMahon Posted An ‘Embarrassing’ Diva Photo.

Jillian Hall wrote, “Apparently I blamed the wrong person for my trash bag of ring gear over 10 years ago Woman shrugging.. she’s not with the company anymore (Woman facepalming).”


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