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WWE Main Event Report – 12/30/14

– Tonight’s WWE Main Event opens with a look back at last night’s RAW with Edge and Christian, and Seth Rollins forcing John Cena to reinstate The Authority.

– We go to the ring and WWE Hall of Famer Edge makes his way out with Christian to kick off Main Event. Michael Cole, JBL and Booker T are on commentary.

They joke on Tony Chimel but Edge says he can’t sleep after what happened on RAW. Christian says they’re hosting Main Event and SmackDown also. Edge brings out their guest for The Cutting Edge Peep Show and it’s Adam Rose. Rose makes his way out with The Rosebuds but no Bunny.

They talk for a few minutes back and forth until Edge asks where The Bunny is. Rose calls them lemons and says he put The Bunny down two weeks ago on RAW. Rose says The Bunny does not deserve to be on the Exotic Express and neither do Edge and Christian. Edge and Christian want to do a 5 Second Pose with the Rosebuds but without Rose. Edge tells Rose to get out. Rose tells the Rosebuds to follow him but they don’t. They do the Pose and Rose throws a fit before leaving by himself.

– We get a look at NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte. She will face Sasha Banks tonight. Back to commercial.

Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte

Back from the break and out comes NXT Diva Sasha Banks. NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte is out next to a reaction. Booker acknowledges that Sasha is Snoop Dogg’s cousin.

Lots of back and forth to start. Charlotte counters and drops Sasha with a big chop to a pop from Flair Country. Charlotte with a 2 count. Sasha comes back and takes Charlotte to the corner for the knees drop and a pin attempt. Sasha with boots to the face in the corner now. Sasha mocks Ric Flair’s strut and smacks Charlotte for a 2 count. Charlotte finally turns it around. She goes for a moonsault but has to land on her feet. Charlotte drops on Charlotte for a close 2 count in the corner. Sasha drops Charlotte into the turnbuckle and hits a neckbreaker for a 2 count. Charlotte comes back again and slams Sasha on her face. Charlotte with her Natural Selection finisher for the win.

Winner: Charlotte

– Santino Marella is backstage at his New Year’s party and they do a bit with Erick Rowan.

– Still to come, The Usos vs. Stardust and Goldust

Titus O’Neil vs. Justin Gabriel

Justin Gabriel waits in the ring as Titus O’Neil makes his way out. Titus cuts a promo and says 2015 will be the year of the gator. Back and forth to start but they end up on the floor with Titus in control. Titus brings it back in and runs over Gabriel for a close 2 count. Titus keeps control and hits backbreakers before tossing Gabriel for another 2 count.

Gabriel makes a comeback and hits a missile dropkick for a 2 count. He goes back up top but Titus cuts him off and hits Clash of the Titus for the win.

Winner: Titus O’Neil

– We come back and get a look at Daniel Bryan’s big announcement on RAW.

– Santino is backstage partying with Rowan and R-Truth. Truth isn’t feeling it and leaves them alone.

Goldust and Stardust vs. The Usos

We go to the ring and out comes Stardust and Goldust. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes new WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos. Goldust starts off for his team. The Usos do quick tags early on. Goldust turns it around and in comes Stardust. Jimmy Uso nails a dropkick for a 1 count. Jey Uso tags in for some double teaming in the corner. Uso slams Stardust for another 2 count. Goldust gets involved but Jimmy fights them both off and sends them to the floor as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and they fight to the floor and back in. Goldust tags in and keeps control. Stardust comes back in for more double teaming. Lots more back and forth with everyone involved. Stardust accidentally hits the springboard kick on Goldust. Uso sends Stardust to the floor and hits the big splash on Goldust for the win.

Winners: The Usos

– WWE Main Event goes off the air with The Usos in the ring celebrating.