WWE Make Diva’s Chest Look Larger In Photo

WWE backstage interviewer and presenter Kayla Braxton is set to be a part of the newest, WWE 2K22 game. She recently posted a screenshot from WWE2K22 showing her interviewing Sonya Deville backstage.



Kayla Braxton debuts in WWE Games

Braxton noted that she had received some bodily enhancements. It appears the developers gave her character model a serious pushup bra. Braxton is quite delighted to be a part of the game which her first time. Braxton took to Twitter to express her appreciation. Kayla says the experience is surreal.

Here is what she wrote:

“Jacked AF. Can someone ask where that push-up bra is from tho? Over the moon dudes. Officially in a video game. Thanks @WWE and @WWEgames for including me – Surreal.”


WWE2K22 is set to release on March 11. Speaking about the game, recently a new report emerged that stated that the relationship between WWE and Take-Two Interactive may be coming to an end soon, which could result in WWE moving their video games to a competing publisher for the first time ever. Take-Two is the parent company of 2K Sports. Fightful Select recently reported that WWE has been in talks with Electronic Arts (EA) about bringing the WWE Games division over to their company, which is also one of the top gaming publishers in the world.

Talks between WWE and EA have been on & off for years, including before the 2016 deal between WWE and Take-Two, the two sides recently began negotiations as far back as early 2021. Sources report that the talks began after the disappointing release of WWE 2K20, and the lackluster reception to WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

“WWE has shown a lot of frustration with the reception and lack of success of recent games,” one source reportedly said. “The gaming market is a major selling point for them, and they believe they’ve fallen behind the competition.”

We will see what is the future of this game.

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