WWE ‘Mess Up’ Brock Lesnar Title Win

WWE appeared to mess up Brock Lesnar’s WWE title win at WWE Day 1 announcement in an image on Twitter, revealing Big E was originally scheduled to win the match before Brock was added.



Alexa Bliss doesn’t pull too many botches, but this botch was caught out in public and the world has now seen it. Can Bliss and all those involved recover from such publicity? It’s hard to tell, but there’s an entire company in the middle of the drama as well which could lead to a bigger issue than originally suspected. Chris Jericho Tweets ‘Embarrassing’ WWE Botch.

Alexa Bliss recently posted on her Instagram story a photo of her and others walking in the rain. Innocent enough. Well, Alexa was behind her father during the walk and his entire shoe fell apart. Bliss seemed a bit mad at Nike for the show just coming undone in the rain.

Bliss stated: “Apparently this is what happens when you wear Nike in the rain. Sorry about your shoes, dad.” Now, what happened next isn’t that clear. My best guess is that Bliss bought her dad a new pair of shoes. What I can guarantee, however, is that Bliss did not buy her dad another pair of Nike shoes for him to wear around in the rain.

Bliss isn’t sponsored by any shoe companies as of now, but if Nike caught word of what happened within the family today, I’m almost sure that they won’t be knocking on Alexa’s door anytime soon.

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