WWE Mess Up Cody Rhodes Royal Rumble Win

Rey Mysterio is currently trending on Twitter due to him not being an official entrant in the match. With Cody Rhodes winning the Rumble; is it valid? Let’s take a look at this.



There were only twenty nine men inside of the ring for this year’s Royal Rumble. Rey Mysterio was not one of them. This means that Cody Rhodes could not officially win the match because Rey Mysterio never went in the ring and his spot was never filled.

Even deeper, Cody Rhodes stepped over the ropes, which, for all intents and purposes – eliminates him from the match automatically giving it to Rey Mysterio or whoever took the spot of Mysterio if someone was going to.

Suffice to say, everything stated above most likely won’t change the course of what WWE are trying to pull off with the Cody Rhodes win. They most likely won’t touch on Rey Mysterio and they’ll just let all of us forget this in two weeks and we will all act like nothing ever happened.

Botches like this have happened in the past and some were even planned. While Twitter is melting down because of it, we await to hear if anyone out of the WWE camp acknowledges this or if even Rey Mysterio says anything about this. Maybe WWE can use this to poke fun at themselves and be a bit more aware of the mistakes that they are making to make the fans feel just a bit more heard and understood when it comes to these situations. No fan wants to feel like their intelligence is being insulted by any means.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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