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WWE might be doing a ‘hard reset’ on Lio Rush

Lio Rush Raw

Lio Rush got a lot of backstage heat in WWE and he is currently not even on WWE’s main roster. He also hasn’t appeared on WWE television at all last week. Reports suggest that he might be benched and ”held hostage” while other reports suggest he might be going to NXT.

Sean Ross Sapp stated during Fightful Select’s Q&A that he has not heard any rumors about NXT. In actuality, he might have some heat in NXT as well. So WWE might just be changing up Lio Rush entirely.

“Now here’s the thing. I have not heard that [Rush is going back to NXT]. A lot of people said that they have, I’ve not. I’ve had people say that he would have heat in NXT as well.”

“I was told that it would be tough for him on the main roster. I’ve also been told that they would like to do a hard reset on him. They understand and recognize his talent.”

It is a wonder what WWE will do with Lio Rush in the end. A ‘hard reset’ might be difficult for him at this stage considering all the negative attention he has garnered.

  • Luke

    “Repackage” would be if they’re changing his name and gimmick. There’s nothing here to suggest they’re doing that, they want to keep his thing but start again, so “hard reset” is absolutely the right term.

    It’s a metaphor, as is the term “repackaged”. If you think about it, people aren’t actually “repackaged”. Retail goods are repackaged when they’re being returned. People aren’t repackaged in the literal sense of the word.

  • Killswitch

    He’s really fun to watch in the ring and is a great heat magnet as a heel. Now if he can figure out how to not be a heat magnet backstage…

  • Darrin Tyler

    Talent? lol

  • Soulshroude

    A black Enzo.

  • Soulshroude

    I think the term this article is looking for is “REPACKAGE”. A “hard reset” is for electronics, not people.

  • Keith Learmonth

    He did, and it was the most I’ve been entertained by him. He’s a guy who does his best work against people who can meet him move for move at his pace.

  • CC

    So basically just from that one guys quote we are being told that one person is saying this, another is saying that, and I have also heard this.
    Not really much confirmed there, and several stories lend credence to none of them.

  • MT McGee

    The dude weighs like a legit 150. I don’t care how cut he is, I don’t care how good his flips are, I don’t care how good he is on the mic; he’s not a draw as a wrestler.

  • gar216

    Lio Rush has never and will never sell a single ticket.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    Not sure but he had kind of a short run on 205 live, didn’t he? Why not pull an Enzo and put him back there. After all, the guy is tiny and probably has the most potential there. I will admit I am a fan of Rush, I don’t care what people think.