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WWE might be removing Renee Young from RAW commentary position

Renee Young made WWE history as the first full-time female commentator on WWE television. She was also the only female employee who was permitted to appear at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia.

Young had in the past talked about the difficulties in transitioning into a commentary role for RAW. Unlike her previous roles hosting panels and conducting interviews, where she would talk in complete sentences, she had to talk in snippets for her commentary role.

There have been reports that suggest that “there have been discussions with WWE officials to take Renee Young off of the Raw commentary team.” There is no more information regarding this except that WWE is currently considering her removal.

We will have to wait and see what happens to Renee. We will keep you updated on this situation as we get to know more.

  • Raidertre

    I agree with you 1000%.

  • oppa

    There have been rumblings that Fox will want them to do some kind of pregame show for big WWE events. Having her and Coach with experience in doing things like this will help a lot. They can also use them for other projects for Fox Sports to try and get some crossover promotions.

  • CC

    But we can both agree he has no brain yeah.

  • Raidertre

    People need to ignore this Mickey kid. He’s trolling us for attention.

  • BB

    Agree 100%.

  • CC

    I was one of the biggest supporters of her getting the commentary job, but she is painful to listen to, and sadly I put that down to her lack of freedom to say what she wants but also because the two other guys are just too dominant compared to her. They talk and talk so all she gets in is one liners here and there, and more often than not, they are bad one liners.

    If it was a two person announce team and she was given more freedom, I think she could be as good as she was during her Talking smack days.

  • CC

    Are you a woman then? Your comment seems to suggest so.

  • She is a woman, so remove her because she’s not got the brains.

  • oppa

    A lot of this could depend on if she leaves with her husband after Mania. Or if Fox wants her on commentary on Smackdown, that could be another factor. Fox is said to want a 2 person team, so that may be where she’s heading. Who knows. She could always work for FS1 out of Vegas if she wanted to as well.

  • Unos #1Fan

    I’d say that she sucked at the commentary role but it’s hard to say that when you have someone writing the dialogue for her, if she had more freedom she’d be great

  • Keith Learmonth

    To… put her on SmackDown, right? That’s the reason, I hope.

  • ROB-1.

    Raw should go back to 2 hours and 2 announcers.