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WWE might have another Universal Title

Bray Wyatt as the Universal Champion

  • MT McGee

    That would actually be kind of cool, Bray holds the blueberry belt and the Fiend comes out with the Upsidedown belt.

  • CC

    I think you are kinda missing the point with the belts. The suggestion is that Bray will have the blue belt and The Fiend some kind of more horrorfied belt, which actually makes 100% sense seeing as Bray seems to think The Fiend is actually a separate entity rather than being part of himself (unlike Balor and the Demon).

    That said, I am in full agreement with you on Shephard. Most of his stories are completely false or just stating the obvious.

  • Erron Black

    If they were going to give him a custom title, they would’ve worked on that instead of re-creating the Universal title. It would be ridiculous if he unveiled this belt and then later unveiled another belt. It doesn’t take that long to create a belt, either.

    Brad Shepard is never right about anything. The fact that anybody can think he’s a source worth trusting at this point is mind boggling. My mother knows more about WWE behind the scenes than he does.