WWE might have plans to turn Andrade babyface

Andrade is a former NXT Champion and had a great showing as La Sombra until losing a mask vs mask match. He is very skilled in the ring, which he has proven during his time in NXT and against Rey Mysterio on Smackdown Live. He is likeable despite being a heel, but that might change.



Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE might have plans to turn Andrade babyface. If he becomes one, he might turn out to have a lot of success and that is WWE’s intention.

“When he turns babyface he’ll get his chance I think. I mean he’s not, I don’t necessarily think that his strength is… he’s okay as a heel. I think that the long-run is that they want him as a babyface.”

Andrade certainly has the potential to be a top babyface if WWE executes it properly. He could become a big superstar in the Latin American market as well. If WWE goes this direction, it will be interesting to see how Zelina Vega fits into the plans.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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