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WWE might sign top NJPW talent

WWE is always interested in signing more top talent from all over the world and increase their already varied roster. Kushida signed with WWE and is now working in NXt and from the looks of it, SANADA might be signing with the company as well.

According to a report by Voices of Wrestling, SANADA is a free agent once more and rumors suggest that he may work for WWE. While these rumors happened in the past as well, this time around WWE is far more likely to actually sign SANADA.

Free agent, period. And the WWE rumblings are happening again.

If I were NJPW, i’d attempt to lock him up. Three straight sellouts vs Okada, and regardless of what anyone might think of his work, he has an obvious crowd connection and superstar upside.

These are interesting times in the world of professional wrestling, with the advent of AEW. So WWE will try to get as many talents as possible. SANADA would certainly be a good addition to the WWE roster.

We will keep you updated regarding SANADA’s status once we get to know more.

  • Darrin Tyler

    They will have to wait until the G1 is over and we will see

  • oppa

    Based on what’s happened to Nakamura and Kana, why would he do that? I’m sure NJPW will pay him very well so it won’t be a money grab.

  • Dub Blue

    I was just thinking the other day how EVIL and Sanada might want to leave New Japan. They have done the tag thing to death and New Japan seemingly has no plans to push EVIL as a single star and it seems like New Japan wants Sanada at the top of the card, but then never have him win and never have him go for the US or IC title. I was happy to see Sanada beat Okada, but if he doesn’t beat Okada for the title and then goes back to the tag thing, then it’s all for nothing.

  • Will Henderson

    he finally beats Okada and now he’s a potential free agent, i wonder if NJPW is gonna try to give him the best deal possible to keep him in NJPW and LIJ.