WWE Monday Night RAW Results for 10/17/16 **Goldberg Returns**

Here are the results for tonight’s episode of Monday Night RAW (courtesy of PWInsider):



We are in Denver, Colorado and your announcers are Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves.

Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring and he is joined by the Man with THE LIST, Chris Jericho.

 Kevin says if you idiots don’t mind being quiet for a minute, he has something important to say.  At this point, there is no denying it any more.  There is something that is crystal clear . . . Mick Foley has a vendetta against him.  Why would Mick Foley shorten his career by putting him in a Hell in a Cell Match against Seth Rollins.  Chris with a litany of quiets that only does the opposite.

Chris says Foley has a vendetta against him and Owens.  Everyone says it is a badge of honor to be in Hell in a Cell, but it is a nail in the coffin.  It is the most barbaric structure in the history of the WWE.  The fact that you are in the match that ended Foley’s career, it is a travesty of justice and proves that Foley is a stupid idiot.

Kevin says he has a lot more brain cells than Mick Foley and he knows how to keep Hell in a Cell from shortening his career.  Only Seth Rollins’ career will be shortened because he will be in the match with Kevin Owens.  You will talk for years about what he did to Seth Rollins and it will still be called the Kevin Owens Show.

Chris says it should be the Chris and Kevin Show.  Chris talks about the people he has beaten.  He beat Rey Mysterio.  He beat The Rock and Steve Austin on the same night.  He beat the Undertaker.  If he can beat them, he sure as hell can beat Seth Rollins.  Chris says he did not beat Seth Rollins last week due to bad officiating.

Kevin says the referee deserves something.

Chris says that when you are not good at your job around here and do the wrong thing around here.  Chris says Rod Zapata MADE THE LIST.

Kevin says Seth Rollins will have his swan song at Hell in a Cell.  He already replaced Seth as THE MAN and at Hell in a Cell, he will retire him.

Seth Rollins comes out and he asks Kevin if he is going to retire him.  He tells Chris if he is going to put something on that list, why not put that terrible scarf on there.  You can add the rinky dink tattoos, the mustache, and the sparkle crotch gear.  

Chris says he is not ‘sparkle crotch’.  He tells Seth for what he said . . .

Seth says that he is probably on the list.

Chris says he is not . . . but

Seth says you should put your friendship with Kevin Owens on the list because what friend stands around and watches you get pedigreed two weeks in a row.

Kevin says that is why Seth has no friends.  You are not a good person.  They are good friends because they have talked about what has gone on and one of them has to stay strong for the team.

Seth points out that Kevin stays strong and Chris is weak.

Chris points out he is a six time world champion.  He says he is the best in the world at what he does.  He has G.O.A.T. on the back of his trunks for a reason.

Chris says he can beat Rollins any time, any place, anywhere.

Seth says Denver is as good a place as any.  Why not get to fighting now.   Seth wants to know what will Kevin do.  Will he be sent to the back so you can prove you can beat him.  Do you let him stay out and be the world’s ugliest cheerleader and watch Chris get pedigreed for the third week in a row.

Chris tells Kevin he is leaving, but Kevin wants to stay because of what has happened recently.

Kevin wants to know if Chris is sure.

Chris says Kevin says it is better for the team for one to take the bullet.  Chris says he knows all of the tricks.  They are still best friends.  It does not change the fact that Kevin has his back.  Chris needs to show Seth, the stupid idiots in the building, and the people at home who he is.

Kevin says taht Chris can do it and he will be there in spirit.

We go to commercial.

Match Number One:  Seth Rollins versus Chris Jericho

Jericho with a kick and punches.  Jericho hits a belly-to-back suplex and then he kicks Rollins in the back.  Jericho with a chop and forearms.  Jericho with an Irish whip but Rollins with a clothesline out of the corner followed by a chop and kick.  Rollins with a drop kick and Jericho goes to the apron.  Rollins with a running boot to the head after he goes to the floor.  Jericho goes for butterfly back breaker and he hits it and gets a near fall.  Jericho catapults Rollins’ throat into the middle rope and Rollins goes to the floor.  Jericho goes to the floor and he sends Rollins into the ringside barrier.  Jericho with a hot shot and they return to the ring.

Jericho goes up top and Rollins with a kick but Jericho counters a Pedigree into a back drop and Rollins with a sunset flip.  Rollins with an Irish whip and splash into the corner.  Rollins with a blockbuster for a near fall.  Rollins tries for a suplex but Jericho escapes and he tries for the Walls of Jericho but Rollins with an inside cradle.  Rollins goes for a Pedigree but Jericho with a back body drop to send Rollins to the floor and Jericho with a springboard drop kick to knock Rollins off the apron.

We are back and Jericho misses a splash into the ropes when Rollins moves.  Jericho with a boot and then he hits a missile drop kick for a near fall.  Jericho with a reverse chin lock.  Rollins with a kick and chop.  Jericho misses a drop kick when Rollins holds on to the ropes.  Rollins with a running knee to the head.  Jericho charges into the corner and Rollins with a Flatline and then Rollins with Slingblade for a near fall.

Rollins with chops and an Irish whip followed by a forearm.  Jericho with a back elbow and he hits the Lionsault.  Jericho gets a near fall.  Jericho goes for a Pedigree but Rollins escapes and hits a jumping knee to the head.  Rollins with a Falcon Arrow for a near fall.  Rollins goes up top but Kevin Owens’ music plays and he comes out and Jericho goes to the floor.

Rollins with a cross body off the turnbuckles onto Jericho on the floor.  Rollins rolls Jericho back in and Rollins with a springboard knee to the temple and he sets for the Pedigree but Jericho escapes and counters with the Walls of Jericho.  Jericho pulls Rollins into the center of the ring.  Owens pulls the ropes away from Rollins and the referee sees it and then Rollins gets to the ropes.

Rollins with a rollup and he sets for the Pedigree.  Jericho escapes and he hits an enzuigiri.  Jericho goes for a Codebreaker but Rollins counters into a pedigree for the three count.

Winner:  Seth Rollins

We see Bill Goldberg’s debut on Nitro against Hugh Morrus.

We go to commercial.

The announcers talk about the Women’s Title Match at Hell in a Cell.

We go to Lita’s interview with Charlotte from earlier today.

Lita asks Charlotte about her head going into the match.  Lita mentions Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, Triple H, and Mick Foley as the legends of Hell in a Cell.  Charlotte will be along side those names in a few weeks.  Charlotte says she was born to do this.  No other women have been in Hell in a Cell since none of the other women were Charlotte Flair.  Lita asks Charlotte about the pressure.  Charlotte says she is the greatest superstar male or female in WWE.  Lita asks Charlotte if she has taken advantage of Sasha at SummerSlam.  Charlotte asks if there is a reason why she is a two time champion or is there a reason why she has won twelve straight pay per view matches.  It is because she is durable and a win is a win.  Lita asks if it is better for your legacy to beat the best at 100%.  Charlotte says she is the very best because she is at 100%.  She says that when she is in the ring, everyone knows that she is THE Woman. 

Lita asks Charlotte about the people being behind Sasha and facing her in her home town.  Charlotte says she has never needed the WWE Universe or anyone to help her.  She has not needed anyone to cheer for her.  She is genetically superior.  Does anyone in the WWE Universe know what it is like to walk in her shoes?  Sasha needs the WWE Universe and she needs to face Charlotte in Hell in a Cell in her home town.  Sasha may have beaten her on Raw in Los Angeles.  Charlotte says on any given day, one of them is the better person.  She is the one to beat.  She will be the three time champion and nothing will stop her.

Match Number Two:  R Truth, Goldust, and Mark Henry versus Epico, Primo, and Titus O’Neil

Goldust and Primo start off and Goldust with punches and a clothesline followed by a drop down uppercut and arm drag.  Primo with a drop toe hold and then he hits a splash and tags in Epico.  Epico with punches before Titus tags in and punches Goldust before barking.  Titus with a hard Irish whip.  Epico tags in and he kicks Goldust.  Epico with a reverse chin lock.  Goldust wtih a snap mare and a power slam.  Truth tags in and he clotheslines Titus and does a split followed by a jumping leg lariat.  Truth does a split and then hits a scissors kick for a near fall.  Goldust wtih a spinebuster to Primo and Epico sends Goldust to the floor.  Truth with a Lie Detector to Epico.  Henry tags in and he hits the World’s Strongest Slam for the three count.

Winners:  Mark Henry, R Truth, and Goldust

We go to commercial with New Day walking in the back as they celebrate Day 420 of their title reign.

We are back and Chris Jericho walks in the back and he wants to talk to Kevin Owens. 

Kevin says he is sorry about coming to the ring.

Chris says he said it as a friend.

Kevin says Foley and Rollins are doing this so Chris won’t have his back.

Chris tells Kevin he told him not to come to the ring and he calls him a STU . . .

Kevin says he is not someone you can put on the list or call a Stupid Idiot.

Kevin and Chris continue to argue and Stephanie tells them to shut up.  She says Seth is trying to tear them apart.  Stephanie mentions the challenge made by Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan.  She needs her two generals on the same page.  They need to be smarter and stronger than anyone else.

Big E says Sheamus must be a mile high if he thinks he is going to beat him, or the three of them with his court appointed partner Cesaro.  Xavier says the two people running for president would be a closer knit tag team than Sheamus and Cesaro.  Kofi says he was able to beat Cesaro when he was not at his best.  Kofi asks if Xavier knows who Big E is going to beat.  he will beat the hot steaming pile of human garbage.  Big E says it is the Sheamus who was too busy futzing around on Facebook Live.  You cannot say Sheamus without saying SHAME.  Kofi says he doesn’t even think they are friends on Facebook.

Xavier says it does not matter what kind of friends they are because they will show that for the last 420 (sic [it is 421 days]) days, they have legally been your WWE Tag Team Champions.

 Match Number Three:  Sheamus (with Cesaro) versus Big E (with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods)

They lock up and Sheamus with a side head lock and Big E with an elbow.  Sheamus with a waist lock into a German suplex.  Sheamus with a running shoulder into the corner followed by a knee lift.  Big E with a clothesline and a shoulder into the corner.  Sheamus with a clothesline.  Sheamus with a forearm and European uppercuts.  Sheamus punches Big E and the referee warns Sheamus.  Sheamus is sent over the top rope by Big E.  Sheamus with a shoulder from the apron and then he goes for the forearms across the chest but Big E counters with a clothesline and a splash on the apron.

Sheamus takes some video of Sheamus in pain.  Sheamus picks up Big E and hits a Finlay Slam as we go to commercial.

We are back and Big E with a snap mare.  Sheamus pulls himself up to the turnbuckles but he is caught by Big E off the turnbuckles.  Big E with two overhead belly-to-belly suplexes followed by a belly-to-belly suplex.  Big E goes for the splash but Sheamus gets his knees up.  Sheamus gets a near fall and follows with a uranage back breaker for a near fall.  Sheamus gets Big E up for a moment but Big E gets to his feet and he hits a power bomb for a near fall.  Big E sets for the Big Ending but Sheamus gets to his feet and he kicks Big E and hits White Noise for a near fall.

Cesaro goes into the crowd to celebrate with the fans and Sheamus with a half hearted series of forearms and then he hits a running shoulder tackle to knock Big E off the apron and into the ringside barrier.  Sheamus yells at Cesaro.  Sheamus sends Big E back into the ring and he takes Cesaro’s phone.  Cesaro wants his phone back and Sheamus tells Cesaro to film the best Brogue Kick Ever.  Big E with a splash and then Big E with a rollup for the three count.

Winner:  Big E

We take a look at Goldberg’s WCW Title win over Hulk Hogan at the Georgia Dome.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel in the locker room during the Raw Pre-Show.  He says he is the only one who needs to BOLIEVE in Bo.  Curtis tells Bo that he is a BOLIEVER and he has his back tonight.

Match Number Four:  Bo Dallas (with Curtis Axel) versus Neville

They lock up and Bo with punches in the corner.  The referee warns Bo and Bo with a cravate.  Neville with an arm drag to escape but Bo with a clothesline.  Bo with knees to the head.  Bo with a short elbow to the head.  Bo with another short back elbow.  Bo misses a short arm clothesline and Neville with a back heel kick a front kick and a back heel kick.  Neville lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt and Neville with an enzuigiri.  Neville goes up top and Bo rolls to the floor.  Neville with an Asai Moonsault onto Bo.  Neville sends Bo back into the ring and Bo goes to the other side of the ring.  Bo with an elbow and Neville floats over and flips across the ring.  Neville with a boot and Neville goes to the apron but Bo with a leg sweep.

Bo with Cross Rhodes for the three count.

Winner:  Bo Dallas

After the match, Bo Dallas attacks Curtis Axel and knocks him off the turnbuckles.  Bo clotheslines Curtis on the floor and sends him into the apron and ringside barrier.  Bo sends Axel into the ringside barrier.  Bo with a running knee to the head.

Match Number Five:  Dana Brooke versus Bayley

Dana goes to the floor and flexes.  Bayley goes to the floor and Dana goes back into the ring.  They go back and forth until Bayley decides to slow down the pace and she stays on the floor.  Bayley with a shoulder from the apron followed by a stunner in the ropes and a face plant.  Bayley with an Irish whip and clothesline.  Bayley with another Irish whip and clothesline.  Bayley sends Dana into the turnbuckles.  Dana with a forearm to the head and then she pats Bayley on the head before sending her into the turnbuckles.

The referee asks Bayley if she is okay and Dana continues the attack with kicks in the corner.  Dana pulls Bayley out of the corner and gets a near fall.  Dana with a reverse chin lock.  Dana sends Bayley to the mat and returns to the chin lock.  Dana with a handstand and she chokes Bayley in the corner.  Both women go for clotheslines and both go down.  Bayley wtih a drop toe hold and punches.

Bayley runs Dana into the corner and Bayley with an elbow into the corner.  Dana goes to the floor and Bayley with a drop kick through the corner of the post.  Dana sends Bayley into the ring post and then Dana pulls Bayley into the ring and gets the three count.

Winner:  Dana Brooke

Michael Cole introduces Paul Heyman.  Cole asks Paul if Goldberg will answer the challenge in the affirmative.

Paul says this whole entire situation has spiraled out of control.  Maybe Goldberg should pay attention to what he has to say.  The challenge is rhetorical.  Goldberg is going to fly to Raw.  He will not show up in Denver to say no.  Goldberg will appear tonight to say yes.  Paul says he wants Bill Goldberg to think about why Brock did not challenge you face to face.  It is because Bill, Brock does not think about you any more.  Bill is not worth the sweat off Brock’s tucchus.  It is a video game . . . Bill.  It is a fantasy.  . Bill.  You should show up and just say no.  Maybe if you say Yes, then Goldberg, you are going to piss Brock Lesnar off.  It already pisses Brock off that you beat him twelve years ago and that you think you can do it again.  The WWE Universe thinks so too because the WWE Universe chants your stupid name.

Paul tells Denver he can hear what you are saying and that will piss Brock Lesnar off too.  Don’t say yes tonight because if you do, you will be beaten, victimized, and conquered.  You will be beaten and embarrassed by the number one box office attraction . . . BROCK LESNAR.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Byron Saxton is with the Mile High Trio.  Byron asks if they are the competition that Braun is looking for.  The first one says it takes a long time to get used to the altitude and he will get winded.  The other say they will beat Strowman

Match Number Six:  Braun Strowman versus The Mile High Trio

Strowman kicks one down and then he sends the other two to the floor.  Strowman with a splash and then he tosses the surviving member of the group onto the other two on the floor.  Strowman goes to the floor and gives one of them a forearm.  Strowman runs one into the turnbuckles.  Strowman with a double drop kick to the other two.  Strowman with a splash and then the third one decides to save his life and leaves the ring.  Apparently speed is not a feature of the Denver local wrestler and Strowman knocks him down and brings him back into the ring.  Strowman with one power slam and he hits a reverse choke slam on another to get the three count.

Winner:  Braun Strowman

Braun takes the mic after the match and he tells Foley if he is not going to give him the competition he wants, then he will come to the back and get it himself.

Sami Zayn comes to the ring.

Sami gets in Strowman’s face and Strowman pushes Zayn to the floor and leaves.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Sami Zayn is walking in the back and he is asked why did he pick a fight with Braun Strowman.  Sami says he did it because nobody else will.

Lana is in the ring and she introduces her husband.

 Rusev says in two weeks time he gets to crush Roman Reigns in Hell in a Cell.  He tells the people to stop their USA chants and it only makes them chant louder.  Rusev screams in Bulgarian and the crowd chants ‘What’.  

Lana tells everyone that her husband is not only the greatest United States Champion of all time.  She knows that Rusev is a great family man unlike the people in Colorado with pathetic family values.

Rusev says Roman talks about his family all the time.  That is good to know about your family.  You have seven hundred Samoans in your family.  Your family breaks coconuts over their heads.

Rusev introduces his family.  We see a photo of his mother and mentions she is a two time rowing champion.  Lana says this is what it means to be a champion, unlike the women here who are nothing.  Lana says you don’t like your nagging and annoying mother-in-laws, but Lana says she loves her mother-in-law.   Rusev shows a photo of his father.  He says you can see where he gets his good looks from.  Lana says he is a strong man.

Rusev shows a photo of his brother, who is the best chef in the best restaurant in Bulgaria.  He shows a photo of his grandmother.  He shows a photo of his dog and his cousins.

Roman Reigns interrupts and he says he has a big family.  He is not talking about his bloodline, he is talking about the Roman Empire.  Roman says Rusev does not look like his dad.  Rusev looks more like the family dog.  

Rusev tells Roman he can disrespect his family but do not disrespect him.

Rusev says he will make a call, but Roman wants to know who he is going to call.

Roman says it doesn’t matter who he calls because it is one on one at Hell in a Cell.  The only person Rusev will call is 911.

Lana gets in Rusev’s face and Lana slaps Roman and Rusev follows with a super kick.  Rusev sends Roman into the ring steps.  Rusev hits Roman in the head with the ring steps.  Rusev sends Roman back into the ring and Rusev brings the rest of the steps into the ring.  Roman with punches but Rusev with a thrust kick and Roman is sent into the steps.  Rusev puts Roman on the steps and it is MATCHKA time.  Rusev stomps on the back and applies the Accolade on the steps.

Lana and Rusev leave the ring.

We see Goldberg confronting the Rock in 2003 on Raw.

We go to commercial.

We are and Enzo does his usual entrance and he says they have a couple haters.  Colin says hate it or love it, you can take your opinion and shove it.  Enzo says you have been chumps from the jump.  He says Karl has hell to pay and he will throw spirals at your dome piece like he was John Elway.

Match Number Seven:  Karl Anderson (with Luke Gallows) versus Colin Cassady (with Enzo Amore)

Colin with punches and they go into the corner and Colin continues the attack.  Colin with a fallaway slam and Anderson goes to the floor.  Enzo takes care of Gallows on the floor when Gallows tries to get involved.  Anderson kicks Colin as he comes back into the ring and gets a rollup for a near fall.  Colin with an enzuigiri side slam for the three count.

Winner:  Colin Cassady

Drew Gulak and Tony Nese are talking in the back and Tony tells Brian Kendrick to take care of his side of the bargain and they will take care of their side of the bargain. 

TJ Perkins enters and Brian asks if he is here to give another cheap shot. 

TJ makes fun of Drew’s ring jacket.

Brian says you don’t need friends, but you can have allies.

TJ asks what did Brian promise Tony and Drew to get in this six man match.

TJ says he knows Brian better than Brian knows himself.  He says it will be game over at Hell in a Cell.

Brian says this is not a video game, but he will be more dangerous since he is on his last life.

TJ’s partners Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann enter and Swann says they can throw knuckles before they have their match tonight.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to take a look at Lita’s interview from earlier today with the Women’s Champion Sasha Banks.

Lita asks Sasha about defending the title in Hell in a Cell and how does she feel.  Sasha says she is ready.  They started together in NXT and it is great to see how far they have come.  They are making history inside Hell in a Cell.  No matter the feelings she has for Charlotte, she has her respect.  Lita tells Sasha what Charlotte said about winning Hell in a Cell.  Sasha reminds Lita this is in Boston and it is her home town.  Sasha says she does not realize this is real.  The women’s revolution has come so far and she is making history as the first women’s champion in Hell in a Cell.  Lita asks Sasha about her back issues at SummerSlam.  Sasha says SummerSlam was SummerSlam.  She is good to go.

Lita mentions the structure lowering down over the ring and she asks if Sasha is afraid.  Sasha says she does not want to say it is fear because it is not.  She signed up for this and she wanted this match.  She does not want to say she is afraid.  She has been watching the previous Hell in a Cell matches, but when she enters that cell, she cannot show fear.  She needs to show that she is The Boss.

We take a look at how Goldberg won the WWE title at Unforgiven in September 2003.

Match Number Eight:  Brian Kendrick, Tony Nese, and Drew Gulak versus Rich Swann, Cedric Alexander, and TJ Perkins

Swann and Gulak start things off and Gulak backs Swann into the ropes and Gulak slaps Swann and takes Swann down with a waist lock into a front face lock.  Swann with punches to the midsection and Swann flips over Gulak and hits a drop kick.  Alexander tags in and he punches Gulak but Gulak with a punch of his own and Nese tags in.  Alexander with a drop kick to Nese and he slams Nese and tags in Perkins.  Perkins with a slingshot senton and he sends Nese into the turnbuckles.

Perkins goes for a tornado DDT but Nese blocks it and hits a suplex for a near fall.  Kendrick tags in and Perkins goes for the knee bar but Kendrick makes it to the ropes and he goes to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Alexander with a handspring round kick.  Kendrick tags in and he knocks Perkins off the apron. Alexander with a back body drop.  Swann and Nese tag in.  Swann with a kick and clotheslines.  Nese with a boot in the corner but Swann with a jumping rana for a near fall.  Alexander with a clothesline to Gulak and then Alexander with a Foley clothesline and he goes over the top rope with Kendrick.  Perkins with a slingshot drop kick.  Nese goes up top and hits a 450 splash and Kendrick tags in for the Bully Choke and Swann fights through it.  Perkins is held back by Nese and Swann has to tap.

Winners:  Drew Gulak, Tony Nese, and Brian Kendrick

Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon are in the office talking about the Smackdown Survivor Series Challenge.  They also talk over each other trying to give the other person credit for the three Hell in a Cell match.

Stephanie asks Mick what does he have in store for next week’s Raw.

Mick suggests Chris Jericho versus Kevin Owens versus Seth Rollins.  Stephanie says she does not like it, she loves it.  

They high five and Mick leaves the office.

We go to commercial.

We are back and next week the New Day will face Cesaro and Sheamus in a non title match.

Michael Cole is in the ring and he mentions Bill Goldberg’s appearance on SportsCenter and his comments about Brock Lesnar.

We then see Paul Heyman’s response last week on Raw and the challenge he made to Bill Goldberg.

Michael Cole brings out Bill Goldberg.  We see Bill walking in the back and the wrestlers are all applauding his ability to walk.

Bill makes his way through the pyro and he blows the smoke as if it is 1998.

Goldberg shows a lot of emotion over the response he got and then he poses on the turnbuckles.

Bill says it has been a long time and you didn’t forget.  

Cole mentions the comments from ESPN and Paul Heyman’s comments so he gives the mic to Bill.

Bill says it has been twelve years.  He says never say never.  He says he never thought he would be in this ring again.  He thanks everyone for the humble return.  Bill says what makes it so special is that his wife and son are here to see him live for the first time ever.  In January, he got a call from 2K and WWE and he was given the opportunity to travel all around the world for the video game.  

It has been twelve years and he has missed a lot of things.  Other than kicking ass, he misses being a superhero for all of the kids and there ain’t enough of them these days.  He could go to Germany or Toronto and he could see it in the children’s eyes that he was GOLDBERG.  It gave him the opportunity to be that superhero again.  Along the way, he created some drama in the WWE.  What that did was make him think.  It made him think long and hard.  Bill says he thinks maybe it is better left alone.  Maybe he keep it in the video game. 

But then . . . Brock Lesnar challenged him to a fight.  He didn’t have the balls to do it himself.  He made Paul Heyman, his fat little stooge, do it for him.  That got him thinking.  What would you do?  He thought to himself maybe he has one ass kicking left in him.  He thought to himself.  Maybe he has one bad ass spear left in him.  Maybe I have last devastating jackhammer in me.

So, Brock Lesnar, not only does that mean that YOU’RE NEXT, but most importantly it means BROCK LESNAR . . . YOU’RE LAST.

We are told that Brock Lesnar will be on Raw next week.

We go to credits.

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