WWE Monday Night RAW results from 4/24/17

Here are the results from tonight’s (Mon. April 24, 2017) episode of WWE Monday Night RAW (courtesy of PWInsider):



This week’s show starts off with a recap of Braun Strowman’s night on last week’s Raw where he threw Kalisto away and then destroyed the ring and referee in the main event.

We are in Kansas City, Missouri and your announcers are Michael Cole, Booker T, and Corey Graves.

Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring.

Chris welcomes everyone to a monumental Highlight Reel because it will be the final Highlight Reel on Raw.  Chris says he will beat Kevin Owens on Sunday and become the United States Champion and then he will go to Smackdown.  Whether it is Smackdown, Raw, or Southpaw Regional Wrestling, the people have always been behind him.  You are his pals . . . his buddies.  You are the pals of Jericho, cheer him on man.

Chris says he needed a huge, charismatic guest and that would be him.  Chris says he will get his payback on Sunday against Kevin Owens because Kevin betrayed him at the Festival of Friendship and then beat him for the United States Title at Wrestlemania.  Now Kevin is on Smackdown and he says he is the Face of America.   Chris says that does not fit.  What about the hemorrhoid of America.  

Miz interrupts, after the second cue, and he is joined by his wife Maryse.

Miz says that Raw is no longer Jericho.  It hasn’t been since they arrived.  Miz says Monday Night Raw is all about the IT Couple.  

Chris says they better watch . . . IT couple.

Miz says that was adorable.  Everyone watching needs to know that the Highlight Reel has been cancelled.  It will be replaced with MizTV.  Miz tells the little people to change the scenery. 

Jericho does not initially move so his carpet can be removed.  

Miz asks if we are ready for MizTV to start, but before it can start Dean Ambrose’s music interrupts and he makes his way to the ring.

Dean tells Chris that Miz is a stupid idiot.  

Miz says Chris never said that, but Chris says he was thinking about it.

Dean says you cannot change talk shows.  Dean signals for something and the Ambrose Asylum is back and the potted plant is replaced with a gift box.

Dean tells Chris he will be rooting for him on Sunday, even if that means he has to go to Smackdown.  He says they have gone to war together and they have fought like cats and dogs, he is all about the healing power.  Dean mentions that Chris destroyed his potted plant but Dean reminds Chris about destroying the jacket.  Chris reminds Dean he still owes him $15,000.  Dean says he has a gift for Chris and it is a jacket with Christmas lights on it.  

Dean tells Chris to try it on, but Miz stops him.  

Miz says it looks hideous but Jericho puts it on.  Miz says that is a quality of an Intercontinental Champion who is a slacker and devalues the title.  Everyone should be thankful that he is on Raw.  They should be thankful that Miz is here to take care of the mediocrity that is Dean and Chris.  Miz says that people should be giving him gifts.

Dean says he has a gift for Miz and then Dean kicks Miz and hits a double underhook DDT.

Chris asks Maryse if she knows what happens when you are married to the Miz.  He asks if she knows what happens when you are married to a stupid idiot.   He tells Maryse that she made the list.

The Hardys walk in the back as we go to commercial.

Match Number One:  Matt Hardy (with Jeff Hardy) versus Sheamus (with Cesaro)

They lock up and Matt with a rollup for a near fall.  Matt with a waist lock but Sheamus with an elbow and side head lock.  Matt with forearms to the ribs but Sheamus with a shoulder tackle.  Sheamus blocks a hip toss and then Matt does the same.  Matt with a swinging neck breaker followed by a series of leg drops.  Matt gets a near fall.  Matt with a side head lock.  Matt escapes a slam attempt but Sheamus wtih a boot.  Sheamus is sent to the apron and Sheamus sets for the forearms across the chest but Matt with elbows and forearms.  Sheamus gets Matt on his shoulders on the apron but Matt gets to his feet and Matt with a Side Effect onto the apron.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Sheamus with a side head lock.  We see footage during the commercial break when Sheamus pulled Matt off the turnbuckles and Matt landed hard on his back.  Back to live action and Sheamus with forearms across the chest and then he sends Matt off the top rope back to the mat.  Sheamus comes off the turnbuckles with a forearm and he gets a near fall.  Sheamus sets for an Air Raid Crash but Matt escapes.  Matt moves when Sheamus charges into the corner and Sheamus hits the ring post.  Matt with a tornado DDT but Matt cannot take advantage.

Matt with forearms and then he sends Sheamus into the turnbuckles.  Matt with a clothesline into the corner and then he hits a bulldog.  Matt goes to the turnbuckles for the elbow drop and he gets a near fall.  Matt sets for the Twist of Fate but Sheamus blocks the boot and Sheamus with a knee to the head and Matt goes to the floor.  Sheamus goes to the apron and he goes for a clothesline off the apron.  Matt with a kick and Sheamus hits a Finlay Slam.  Sheamus pushes Jeff away and Sheamus sends Matt back into the ring.

Jeff gets on the apron and Cesaro pulls Jeff off the apron.  Matt with a kick and Twist of Fate for the three count.

Winner:  Matt Hardy

After the match, Cesaro has some words for Jeff.  Cesaro asks Sheamus if he saw what happened.  Sheamus tells Cesaro to calm down.  Sheamus offers his hand to Matt.  Cesaro has calmed down and he offers his hand too.   Matt and Jeff shake hands and Sheamus raises Matt’s hand and then Cesaro does the same to Jeff.

Kurt Angle is on the phone and he is talking about the Dumpster Match.  Kurt says he will talk to Kalisto to see if he still wants to go through with the match.

Miz and Maryse hang up the phone and Miz says it is unacceptable that he had to wait two minutes outside.  Miz says it bothered him that Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho interrupted MizTv.  He wants to know what Kurt is going to do about it.

Kurt tells Miz that we settle things in the ring and he can find a partner or a co-star because he will be facing Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose. 

Miz storms off and Maryse yells at Angle in French and Kurt tells her ‘right back at you’.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two:  Neville and TJ Perkins versus Jack Gallagher and Austin Aries

Gallagher and Aries discuss strategy before entering the ring and they charge after Perkins and Neville.  Gallagher with a European uppercut to Perkins.  Perkins and Neville hold on to the ropes to stop Aries and Gallagher but Gallagher and Aries send Perkins and Neville to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Perkins with a drop kick to Gallagher’s back for a near fall.  Neville tags in and he kicks Gallagher and follows with a snap mare and reverse chin lock.  Neville tries to send Gallagher into the turnbuckles but Gallagher blocks it and he sends Neville into the turnbuckles.  Neville is sent towards Gallagher and Gallagher with a drop toe hold and then Gallagher sends Perkins into Neville.  Aries tags in and connects with elbows and chops to Neville and Perkins.  Aries with a gutbuster followed by a pendulum elbow.  Aries with a slingshot senton to Neville and then Aries goes for a suicide dive but Perkins goes to the apron.  Neville is back dropped to the floor and Aries with a neck breaker in the ropes.  Aries with a suicide dive and then he gets a near fall on Perkins and applies the Last Chancery. 

Neville breaks up the hold and Gallagher with forearms to Neville followed by a head butt to the midsection and a European uppercut.  Neville with kicks but Gallagher with a head butt to Neville.  Gallagher blocks a kick from Perkins and Aries with a forearm followed by the discus five arm for the three count.

Winners:  Austin Aries and Jack Gallagher

We go to commercial.

We are back and a dumpster is ringside for the next match.

Braun Strowman says he considers everyone in the arena nothing more than trash.  When he stuffs Kalisto into the dumpster it is like stuffing each and every one of you into that dumpster, especially Roman Reigns.

Kurt Angle is in the back and he asks Kalisto if he wants this match. 

Kalisto says that Braun treated him like garbage and he says if he does not fight for his honor, he does not belong here.

Match Number Three:  Braun Strowman versus Kalisto in a Dumpster Match

Kalisto with a kick to the leg and he backs off.  Kalisto with another kick as he avoids Strowman.  Kalisto avoids Strowman and kicks him.  Strowman grabs Kalisto and he yells at Kalisto and tries to send Kalisto into the dumpster.  Kalisto holds on and he kicks Strowman.  Kalisto with a jaw breaker and then he comes off the turnbuckles but Strowman catches him and gets Kalisto up in a suplex position and throws him face first to the mat across the ring.

Strowman with a splash into the corner and then he walks across the back.  Strowman points to the dumpster and he picks up Kalisto but Kalisto holds on and he tries to pull Strowman into the dumpster but Strowman stops Kalisto and Strowman throws Kalisto back into the center of the ring.  Strowman chokes Kalisto against the turnbuckle.  Strowman with a splash to the back and Kalisto is down.  Strowman with a forearm to the chest and Kalisto goes down.  Strowman wtih a forearm to the back.  Strowman tries to hip toss Kalisto into the dumpster but Kalisto hits the ropes and goes back into the ring.

They go to the apron and Strowman presses Kalisto over his head but Kalisto falls into the ring and he drop kicks Strowman in the knees and Strowman falls into the dumpster.

Winner:  Kalisto

After the match, Strowman with a kick and choke slam.  Strowman picks up Kalisto again and hits another choke slam.  Strowman sends Kalisto into the ringside barrier.  Strowman picks up Kalisto and he puts Kalisto into the dumpster and closes the lid.  Strowman pulls the dumpster up the ramp.

Producers try to stop Strowman and Strowman thinks of Plan B.  Strowman teases running over the agents with the dumpster and then officials come out and hold their arms out to convince Strowman to stop.

Strowman straps the lid shut and he looks at the edge of the stage.  Strowman runs up to the dumpster and pushes it off the edge.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at the end of the Dumpster Match and what happened after the match.

We see Kalisto being put on a stretcher after being pushed off the stage.  

Corey and Michael talk about what Roman Reigns must be thinking after seeing what Braun did to Kalisto.

Kurt is with Kalisto as he is stretchered off.

We have a video package for Roman Reigns.

Bray Wyatt appears and he asks Randy Orton if he thought he could let this all go.  Could he just forget?  Some wounds never truly heal, they fester and linger.  They infect your mind.  The same pain and suffering awaits you in his House of Horrors.  Every step you take will be a descent into madness.  Every room you enter will be an endless nightmare.  The best part is you can never leave. The House will be your purgatory, an eternal prison for your mind.  An eternal prison for your soul.  The deepest darkest depths of hell are waiting for you Randy.  With your pain and with your suffering.  With your agony, Bray says he will be reborn.  

The House of Horrors waits for you.  Follow the buzzards.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Four:  Alicia Fox versus Dana Brooke

They lock up and Alicia with an arm drag and splash into the corner.  Alicia with a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall.  Alicia with a forearm to the back and she gets a near fall.  

Emma makes her way to the ring to watch. 

Dana runs Alicia into the turnbuckles but Alicia avoids a forearm.  Dana with a clothesline and slam.  Dana with a roundoff splash but Alicia gets her knees up.  Alicia misses a scissors kick and Dana with a Michinoku Driver for the three count.

Winner:  Dana Brooke

After the match, Emma enters the ring and Dana wants to know what she is doing in the ring.

Emma hugs Dana and leaves the ring.

Samoa Joe, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson are in the interview area to talk about their match tonight and what their strategy is.  

Joe says they will strike fast because history is written by the winners.  Karl says they have known Joe for years and they have discussed ways to inflict damage on Enzo.  Joe says he will break Seth on Sunday for crimes committed against Triple H and Stephanie at Wrestlemania.  He shredded one of Seth’s ligaments in the past, but he might go for the rest tonight.

We go to commercial.

Anderson and Gallows attack Colin as they go to the ring and then Anderson and Gallows attack Enzo.  Samoa Joe emerges and then Anderson and Gallows hit Magic Killer on Enzo.

Seth Rollins comes out and he goes after Anderson and Gallows before punching Joe.

Gallows and Anderson triple team Rollins, but Colin fights back into the ring.

Officials check on Enzo as we go to commercial.

We are back and Kurt Angle announces that he has a replacement for Enzo Amore and it is . . . 

Finn Balor.

Match Number Five:  Finn Balor, Colin Cassady, and Seth Rollins versus Samoa Joe, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows

Balor does his usual entrance so Anderson, Gallows, and Joe attack Rollins and Cassady.  Finn gets to the ring and we get Colin and Luke in the ring so the match officially starts.  Colin with an Irish whip and he hits a splash and follows with a fallaway slam.  Rollins tags in and he goes to the turnbuckles and punches Gallows and then Balor tags in and he connects with forearms and hits a drop kick.  Gallows with a punch and Anderson tags in and he kicks Finn.  Anderson with a sunset flip and Balor rolls through and hits a drop kick.

Joe tags in and gives Balor an Irish whip followed by a running back elbow and enzuigiri.  Joe with jabs to Balor followed by an elbow to the head.  Anderson tags in and he punches Balor.  Anderson with an arm bar.  Anderson with a back breaker and he gets a near fall.  Gallows tags in and he connects with a series of punches.  Gallows with a hammer lock.  Gallows with a knee and Irish whip but he runs into a boot.  Gallows with a side slam as Balor charges at him.  Gallows with a thrust kick to Colin on the apron.  Balor moves when Gallows goes for an elbow drop.

Rollins and Anderson tag in and Rollins with clotheslines and a blockbuster followed by sling blade.  Anderson pushes Rollins towards Gallows and Rollins with a boot to Anderson followed by an enzuigiri to Gallows.  Colin with a running boot to knock Gallows off the apron.  Rollins wants Joe and Anderson tries to attack Rollins from behind.  Rollins throws Anderson to the floor and hits a suicide dive.  Balor with a drop kick after Joe tries to attack Rollins on the apron.  

Rollins with a drop kick off the turnbuckles and then he sets for the pedigree but decides to hit an accordion knee to the head and he gets the three count.

Winners:  Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, and Colin Cassady

We see Miz asking Cesaro and Sheamus to be his tag team partner in his match against Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho but they refuse.

We see Alexa Bliss walking in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and Alexa Bliss makes her way to the ring.

Alexa says every week, the Superstars of Raw talk about who they like, who they don’t like, who they want to fight and how they want to be champion.  Then there are some who are so bright eyed and talk about how happy they are hear and it is sunshine and lollipops.

The crowd chants ‘What’ and Alexa responds.  She says she did not come here to talk, she came here to beat Bayley and become the Women’s Champion.

Bayley makes her way to the ring.

Bayley says Alexa is right.  She took no time proving how good she is.  She heard Alexa talking about dreams and she knows that Alexa is making fun of her.  Alexa is the type of person to talk behind your back than to your face.  Bayley says she is not just talk.  Every single day, she works her butt off for this dream and to hold on to this championship.  She knows there are women in the back who want to take the title from her.  She will stop at nothing and fight with every ounce of energy to walk out of her home town with her title.

Alexa says this is so good.  Payback is in your home town?  Does that mean your dad will be there?  So she will get to beat Bayley, humiliate her and take her title in front of Bayley’s father.  She feels bad for Bayley.  She is a pathetic sheltered child.  Alexa has a question for Bayley.  She asks Bayley if she has ever kissed a boy.  Alexa says she probably knows the answer.  Alexa says she will take the title from Bayley.

Sasha Banks’ music plays and she makes her way to the ring.

Alexa says we get it, part 3,000 of the Sasha/Bayley Side Show.  Alexa asks Bayley if Sasha puts love letters in her lunch when Sasha packs it.

Sasha tells the troll doll wannabe that she does not run this place.  The woman with the gold calls the shots.  On Sunday, Bayley will not only show you up, she will shut Alexa up.  Sasha says tonight she will shut Alexa up.

Alexa tells Sasha that match is not going to happen.  Alexa says she has an important match on Sunday and Sasha has become a little too unhinged.  Alexa says she does not feel safe with Sasha in the ring with her.

Sasha punches Alexa and we go to commercial.

Match Number Six:  Alexa Bliss versus Sasha Banks

Alexa with kicks to Sasha and then she stands on Sasha’s back and stomps on her head.  Alexa gets a near fall.  Sasha with punches but Alexa with a clothesline and she stands on Sasha to get a near fall.  Alexa misses a knee drop and Sasha with clotheslines and a drop kick.  Sasha grabs the leg and then sends it back to the mat and Sasha with a knee strike.  Sasha puts Alexa on the ropes and hits a double knee drop and gets a near fall.  

Alexa kicks Sasha in the back.  Sasha with an arm wringer and a crossface but Alexa gets to the ropes and then goes to the floor.

Alexa things about things and she decides that she has had enough so she gets counted out.

Winner:  Sasha Banks (by count out)

After the match, Alexa goes to the back but Bayley stops Alexa and tries to bring Alexa back to the ring.  Alexa runs to the back, but it was only a ruse to allow her to attack Bayley from behind.

Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho are talking in the locker room.  Dean says he wants to move past things.  Dean says he needs something from Chris so they can work well together.  Dean asks to be taken off the list.

Chris says no one gets taken off the list?  Why should he take Dean off the list if it was possible.  He says Dean still owes him $15,000 and then he was power bombed onto thumbtacks.

Dean says he probably wouldn’t do it again.

Chris says he likes the jacket.  He tells Dean that when you make a peace offering, you have unmade the list. 

Dean slaps Chris on the back too many times so when Dean leaves the locker room, Chris puts Dean back on the list.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady versus Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson will be on the Kickoff Show on Sunday.  Additionally, Finn Balor will be a guest on MizTV.

Heath Slater and Curtis Axel are being interviewed and they are interrupted by Miz to try to get them to be his tag team partner and the promises of acting glory.

Axel does not want to do it.  Slater says he has a partner and out comes Cheese and Crackers Rhyno.

Miz says they will never work in this city and Axel says Kansas City.  Miz says he means Hollywood.

Maryse says that neither of them will make it in Hollywood.  

Rhyno says Maryse needs a cracker and she knocks them out of Rhyno’s hand.

Miz is handed a note and he says he has an awesome tag team partner.

Curt Hawkins is in the ring and he asks who is ready for a heaping helping of Hawkins.  He says he walks out here and a star is born.  First Big Show, then Finn Balor.  He says this is an open inviation to anybody who thinks they have what it takes to get in the ring with him.

Match Number Seven:  Curt Hawkins versus Apollo Crews

Hawkins with a kick but Crews with a shoulder tackle.  Crews flips over Hawkins and hits a drop kick.  Hawkins sends Crews into the turnbuckles and he kicks Crews.  Hawkins gets a near fall.  Hawkins with a sleeper.  Crews with a flying boot to the head and both men are down.  Crews with a boot to the head followed by a flying clothesline and enzuigiri.  Crews with the toss power bomb for the three count.

Winner:  Apollo Crews

After the match, Titus O’Neil comes to the ring and he celebrates with Crews.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a recap of the end of the Dumpster Match and what happened after the match.

We are told that Kalisto suffered hip and cervical trauma.

We see comments from Roman Reigns from an interview he did earlier.

We have a video package for the Strowman/Reigns match at Payback.

Kurt Angle and Austin Aries are talking in the back and Kurt says he will think about Austin’s idea and get back to him.

Austin gives Kurt a banana and leaves.

Kurt asks Miz if he found a tag team partner and Miz says a partner found him and Kurt will be sorry when he sees who it is.

Elias Samson walks past while playing his guitar and Kurt says he likes his pick and Miz says that is not him.

Kurt wishes Miz luck and Miz says he does not need it, but Kurt tells him he will.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Miz says that his partner has a flair for the dramatic and Dean and Chris are in trouble.

Miz introduces his partner and no one comes out.

Miz says they will need to postpone or cancel this match until his partner comes out.

Kurt Angle comes out, but he is not Miz’ partner.  Kurt tells Miz he had to find a tag team partner.  Whether you found a partner or not or whether he shows up or not, you have a match now and the match starts right now.

Match Number Eight:  Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho versus Miz (with Maryse) and ?

Jericho chops Miz and then he Irish whips Miz.  Jericho with a clothesline and Ambrose with a bulldog.  Ambrose and Jericho clothesline Miz over the top rope to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Ambrose with a suplex and Jericho tags in and hits a forearm off the turnbuckles.  Jericho with a back elbow and a Jericho cover for a near fall.  Jericho with a delayed vertical suplex and elbow drop.  Jericho chokes Miz in the ropes and then connects with a forearm and then he hits a splash to the back.  Ambrose tags in and he he hits an elbow to the top of the head.  Miz begs for mercy and Ambrose tells Miz to tag in his partner.  Miz offers his hand to Ambrose and Ambrose thinks about it.  Miz slaps Ambrose and Miz runs to the floor but Ambrose follows.

Miz hides behind Maryse and Miz kicks Ambrose and sends him into the ringside barrier.  Miz runs Ambrose back first into the apron and then they return to the ring.  Miz with a running boot and he gets a near fall.  Ambrose with elbows and a head butt.  Miz with Reality Check for a near fall.  Miz with kicks to Ambrose but he misses the round kick.  Ambrose with a rollup for a near fall.  Miz with a punch and Dean falls into the ropes and bounces back and hits a clothesline.

Jericho tags in and he hits a shoulder tackle.  Jericho is sent to the apron and he goes up top for a double sledge and hits a bulldog.  Jericho with a Lionsault to Miz.  Miz goes to the back but Ambrose stops him.  They fight to the announce table and Ambrose sends Miz into the announce table.  Ambrose rearranges the table and climbs on top.

Bray Wyatt’s graphic appears and the lights come on and Bray Wyatt is on the table and he knocks Dean off.  Wyatt with Sister Abigail into the matrix board.  Jericho punches Wyatt and Miz attacks Jericho.  Wyatt and Miz punch Jericho.  Miz with a forearm to the back.  Jericho with a Codebreaker to Miz but Wyatt with Sister Abigail to Jericho and then he looks back from the corner and he stands over Jericho..  Miz pats Wyatt on the shoulder and that was a mistake because Wyatt hits Sister Abigail on Miz and Wyatt kneels over Miz and says Follow the Buzzards.

We go to credits.

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