WWE Night of Champions 2009 PPV Report

WWE Night of Champions
July 26th, 2009 – Philadelphia, PA
Report by Marc Middleton



– WWE’s Night of Champions 2009 kicks off with a promo based around winning gold featuring the Superstars in action on tonight’s pay-per-view.

– The pyro explodes inside the Wachovia Center as Michael Cole welcomes us to Night of Champions in Philadelphia, PA. Cole announces 17,774 fans in attendance tonight for a sell out.

WWE Unified Tag Team Title Match: Legacy vs. Chris Jericho and Big Show

Lilian Garcia does the intros for tonight’s opener as Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase make their way to the ring. Out next is Chris Jericho, by himself. Lilian introduces his partner but he takes the mic from her. Jericho says before he introduces his partner, let’s remind everyone of what happened to Edge. Jericho plays the Edge surgery video on the screen.

Jericho says it was wrong for him to choose Edge as his partner in the first place. Jericho cuts a promo on Edge. Jericho introduces his tag team partner – Big Show. Show comes out with his half of the belts to a big pop. Legacy looked shock in the ring.

Show starts out with Cody Rhodes. Big Show is wearing new tights tonight. Big chops by Show in the corner and a body blow to Cody. Show tosses Cody across the ring by his neck. Cody manages to tag in DiBiase. Dibiase comes in but gets dropped by a big shoulder from Show. Show with body blows in the corner now on Ted. Jericho is tagged in and Show laiunches him into Ted in the corner. Jericho with a shoulder take down on Ted. Jericho slams Ted’s head into Show’s boot and Show is tagged back in. Show with a head butt and more shots on Ted.

Jericho gets a 2 count on Ted after a tag and double team shot from Show. Cody comes in but he gets double teamed for another 2 count by Jericho. DiBiase pulls the ropes and Jericho goes to the floor. Ted goes to the floor and works over Jericho before taking him back in the ring. Ted is tagged back in for some double teaming and a 2 count on Jericho. Cody is tagged back in for more double teaming. Cody with an elbow to the head and the fans start chanting for Jericho. Cody stomps away and Jericho tries to fight back. Cody with a headlock now.

More back and forth by Cody and Jericho. Ted is tagged back in and they work Jericho over in the corner. Jericho tries to make a tag but Ted rams him back in the opposite corner. Cody is tagged back in with more shots on Jericho in the corner. Cody misses a clothesline in the corner and Jericho starts to fight back. Jericho runs into a boot. Cody goes to the top and hits a nice moonsault for a 2 count. Jericho with an enziguri and Cody goes down. Ted is tagged in and stops Jericho from tagging in Show. Jericho rolls Ted up out of nowhere for a 2 count. Ted with a clothesline and Jericho goes back down. Ted catches Jericho and powerslams him for a 2 count.

Another 2 count by Ted. Ted misses a dive in the corner and Jericho grabs him for the Walls of Jericho. Ted counters it and locks on his Dream Street. Jericho ends up going for the Walls of Jericho again and locks it this time. The ref is distracted when Cody comes in and DDT’s Jericho, breaking the hold. Ted with a 2 count on Jericho. Jericho runs the ropes and tags in Show. He comes in and grabs Cody and Ted for a chokeslam. They double team him. Show spears Ted while Cody heads for the floor. Show with a 2 count on Ted as Cody made the save. Show tosses Cody over the ropes but he hangs on. Cody dropkicks Show in the back into a kick to the knee from Ted. Jericho comes in and hits the Codebreaker on Ted while the ref is distracted. Show locks on what is now called his Colossal Clutch to make DiBiase submit for the win.

Winners: Chris Jericho and Big Show

– Josh Matthews is backstage with the World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk. Punk asks the fans after everything he’s done for them, why they still support Jeff Hardy. Punk walks out to the stage and addresses the fans, asking them why they continue to support a man who can’t support himself, Hardy. Hardy talks about the fans who have Hardy shirts on and their faces painted, and asks them to stand up and let the world know they support Jeff Hardy. Punk tells the camera men to get a good shot of the Hardy fans. Punk says he doesn’t blame the fans who support Hardy – he blames their parents. He says he should have said parent – because it’s obviously a single parent situation, the same way Jeff Hardy grew up, Punk says. Punk cuts a mean heel promo on the parents in the crowd and calls them enablers. Punk talks about kids, Hardy fans, growing up into drinking and using drugs. Punk says all of this can be stopped if the parents just sit down and talk to their kids. Punk says everyone should just say yes tonight to the future of a straight edge America and say yes to the World Heavyweight Champion. Punk thanks everyone and that’s it.

ECW Title Match: Christian vs. Tommy Dreamer

We go back to the ring where the ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer is making his way to the ring to a nice pop from the Philadelphia crowd. Out next is the challenger, Christian, to a much bigger pop.

The bell rings and we’re ready to go. They lock up and go to the corner. They come out of it and Dreamer slaps Christian. Christian slaps Dreamer. They go back and forth and Dreamer goes for a quick cover. Christian with a spin kick and a 2 count of his own. More back and forth. Dreamer with the neckbreaker off the ropes for a 2 count. The crowd starts chanting ECW. Christian comes off the second rope with the uppercut. Dreamer goes to the apron. Christian charges but Dreamer takes him down with a shoulder thrust. They fight on the apron. Christian goes to the floor and pulls Dreamer down with him. Christian knocks Dreamer back into the announcer table. Christian with a move off the top to the floor. They go back in the ring now.

Christian ends up on Dreamer’s back with a sleeper hold. Dreamer falls back and breaks the hold. Christian locks on another sleeper hold. Dreamer just leaps over the top rope and Christian tumbles with him to the floor. The ref begins to count them out. They make it back in the ring. Christian comes off the top but Dreamer hits him in the gut. Christian gets dropped on his face and a 2 count by Dreamer. Dreamer takes Christian to the top and puts him in the tree of woe. Dreamer gets the crowd to chant ECW and nails the dropkick to the face on Christian.

Christian counters the DDT by Dreamer. More back and forth when my TV goes out. When it comes back on we have a new ECW Champion, Christian after a Killswitch.

Winner and New ECW Champion: Christian

Six-Pack Challenge for the WWE United States Title: Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger vs. MVP vs. The Miz vs. Carlito vs. Primo

Lilian does the introductions for the next match as Jack Swagger makes his way out to the ring. Out next is Carlito followed by The Miz. Primo is the next man out, apparently replacing Big Show after he was picked as Chris Jericho’s partner earlier. MVP is out next followed by the WWE United States Champion Kofi Kingston.

More problems with my feed tonight. Everyone’s brawling as Swagger tosses Carlito over the top. He goes at it with MVP but gets dropped. MVP and Swagger fight on the floor now. Swagger works MVP over now. Carlito comes over the top and takes out MVP on the floor. Kofi kicks Carlito back into the announcers table. Kofi off the top with a dropkick on Swagger in the ring. Kofi with a 2 count on Swagger. Miz comes in and hits his bronco buster move in the corner.

Lots of back and forth here. MVP takes Carlito out. Carlito and Primo collide in mid-air and go down. Kofi and Swagger go at it now. Series of near falls between Kofi, Primo and Carlito. Swagger pulls Primo and he falls on his face while running the ropes. Primo and Carlito are working together until Swagger clotheslines both of them. Swagger dominates everyone until MVP comes in and takes him down. MVP hits the Ballin’ elbow on Swagger and goes for the Playmaker until Miz makes the save. Miz gets a close 2 count. Everyone gets involved and Kofi Kingston gets the pin on Carlito after a kick to the back of the head to retain his title.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

– Josh Matthews is backstage with Randy Orton. Orton talks a bit about Cody and Ted losing earlier. He says he’s counting on the ego of his two opponents tonight in the WWE Title match to help him win. He says one day the fans will stop disrespecting him.

WWE Women’s Title Match: Michelle McCool vs. Melina

Jim Ross and Todd Grisham are on commentary as we get replays of the events leading to this match. Out first is the WWE Women’s Champion Michelle McCool. Melina, the challenger, is out next with her usual red carpet entrance.

Melina is doing her entrance when McCool attacks before the bell rings. The match gets started and Melina unloads on McCool. Melina with kicks and punches in the corner now. McCool tries to escape the ring but can’t as Melina pulls her back. Melina keeps in control of McCool until she gets dumped out to the floor. McCool hits Melina with a running knee into the fan barrier. 2 count. McCool applies a leg submission on Melina now.

McCool works the leg over until the hold is broken. McCool traps Melina in the ropes and works her over and they go back to the floor. McCool misses a running kick and gets caught on the fan barrier. Melina and McCool brawl on top of the fan barrier now. McCool counters and DDT’s Melina on top of the wall. McCool misses a sliding kick on the apron and flies out to the floor. Melina wraps her legs around the neck from the apron and throws McCool around. Melina flies off the apron to the floor and onto McCool.

Back in the ring, Melina takes McCool down again and puts her knees in her back. Melina rams McCool into the corner with shoulder thrusts. Melina with a spinning kick and a 2 count. More kicks from Melina. McCool catches her with a belly to belly suplex for a 2 count. McCool rams Melina back in the corner but gets caught with the legs again. Melina with a pin from the top rope but McCool reverses it with a roll up for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Michelle McCool

– John Cena is seen backstage warming up for his match tonight. Michael Cole plugs the WWE Title Triple Threat, which is apparently next. We cut to a promo video.

WWE Title Match: Randy Orton vs. John Cena vs. Triple H

Out first is John Cena to a big pop. Cena rushes the ring before Triple H makes his entrance. The WWE Champion Randy Orton is out next as Cena and Triple H look on, but not after having a few words with each other. The match starts and Orton ends up sliding out to the floor early on.

Triple H and Cena surround him on the floor and they all go back in the ring. Triple H and Orton go at it. Cena goes out to the floor after Orton and they come right back in. Triple H with right hands on Orton in the corner. Orton runs into a boot from Triple H and Cena hits the bulldog. Triple H and Cena take turns knocking Orton around.

They take it to the ramp and continue to beat Orton up. Cena and Triple H end up going down on the floor and Cena hits hard. Orton takes Cena in the ring and mounts him with right hands. Cena runs the ropes and takes Orton down with the shoulder. Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle and Cena goes for the Adjuster. Triple H comes in and stops things. Cena gets dumped to the floor. Orton clotheslines Triple H for a 2 count. Orton works HHH over in the corner with stomps now.

Orton with a dropkick on Triple H and another 2 count. Headlock by Orton now. They trade right hands on their feet. Orton with a scoop slam off the ropes on Triple H. Triple H counters an RKO attempt and drops Orton with a DDT and both go down. Cena comes up and goes to the top rope. He hits the big leg drop on both Orton and Triple H. Cena gets boo’d as he takes out Orton and Triple H. Orton gets up with a neckbreaker that sends Cena back to the floor. Triple H goes for a Pedigree on Orton but gets dumped over the top to the floor.

Cena comes back in but Orton stops him on the ropes. Orton tries to hit his DDT off the ropes on Triple H and Cena at the same time but they back drop him over the top rope and to the floor. Cena and Triple H come face to face in the ring and mock each other. They trade big right hands and the crowd is all into it. Cena hits two shoulder blocks but Triple H stops the third with a high knee. Triple H with the knee to the face now. Cena and Triple H go back and forth with their signature moves until Triple H hits the spinebuster. Triple H nails the Pedigree on Cena but only gets a 2 count as Orton pulls his legs from the floor.

Orton throws Triple H into the steel steps and slams him into the announcer’s table head first a few time. They fight on top of the table until Cena interrupts them. Orton gets knocked off the table and into the fan barrier. Triple H goes for the Pedigree on Cena on the table. Cena counters it and locks on the STF on top of the table. The crowd boo’s. Orton decks Cena and breaks the hold. Orton and Cena go back in the ring and trade right hands. Orton runs the ropes and kicks Cena in the head, he goes down. Orton goes for an RKO but Cena pushes him off in mid-air.

Cena takes Orton to the top for a superplex but Triple H comes in. He puts Cena on his own shoulders but Cena falls off. Cena lifts Triple H for the Adjustement. Triple H slides out with a Pedigree attempt. Cena counters and slingshots Triple H into Orton who is on the top turnbuckle. Orton falls and Cena locks the STF on Triple H again. Triple H gets out of the hold but Cena pulls him back and locks it again. Orton comes in the ring and goes for a punt kick on both. Cena moves and rolls Orton up for a 2 count. Cena goes down off a clothesline and all three are down.

Orton gets to his feet and starts stomping on Triple H’s limbs. Then he goes over to Cena and starts stomping on him as well. Orton goes back and forth between the two. Now the crowd starts chanting for Cena. Orton starts dropping knees on Cena. Orton with more stomps on Triple H. Cena ends up getting a back drop on Orton while Triple H gets up. Cena calls for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Triple H dumps him over the top and to the floor. Triple H goes for a Sharpshooter on Orton and locks it. Cena comes in and locks on the STF on Orton while he’s still in the Sharpshooter. Orton taps out. Legacy rushes the ring and starts the beat down on Triple H and Cena.

Orton gets up and nails an RKO on Cena out of nowhere. Orton pins Cena and somehow is still the WWE Champion after the referee counts the pin. Didn’t Orton just tap out?

Winner: Randy Orton

– Backstage we see Maryse warming up when The Miz walks up. He says he can’t wait to see her in action later on. Miz goes for a kiss on her and she says nope. Maryse says Miz lost tonight and she doesn’t want to date a loser. She goes to walk off and he grabs her arm. He says he can get any chick he wants. He says he wasted his time with her on RAW last week. He says she’s not a Champion, she’s a tease. Miz says one night, maybe tonight, she will lose her belt and come crawling to him. He says she will have butchered her shot like she butchers the English language every time she talks. Miz walks off and we cut to a Shaq promo for RAW.

WWE Divas Title Match: Maryse vs. Mickie James

Out first for the next match is the challenger, Mickie James to a nice pop. The WWE Divas Champion Maryse is out next. Maryse taunts Mickie before the bell rings and they almost start brawling. The bell is called for and they still taunt each other. Maryse dodges a clothesline and poses some. They lock up and go to the ropes. Mickie takes Maryse down first.

Lots of stalling here in the early part of the match. Mickie catches her in the ropes by h er hair. Mickie with a bridge pin for a 2 count. Maryse with forearm shots on Mickie now. Mickie takes Maryse back down and dropkicks her low for a 2 count. Mickie tries to come in off the apron with the ropes but Maryse kicks her in mid-air hard. Mickie falls out to the floor as the ref starts counting.

Mickie comes back in and Maryse keeps in control. Mickie fights back but Maryse hits her with an elbow and a knee to the face for another 2 count. Maryse mounts Mickie with the clutch and rubs her face into the mat. Mickie fights out of it but Maryse throws her through the ropes and out to the floor. Mickie goes back in the ring while Maryse pulls the can of hairspray from under the ring. Maryse comes in but Mickie kicks her down. Mickie picks the can up and goes back to the floor. The referee takes the can from her. Mickie drops Maryse on the floor and nails a bunch of right hands. Mickie rams Maryse back into the apron. They go back in the ring.

Mickie comes off the top but Maryse moves. Maryse locks on her clutch move again but Mickie fights out and back drops her. They trade shots on the mat and get to their feet with the same. Mickie with running forearms and a clothesline. Mickie hits a neckbreaker on Maryse and picks up a 2 count. Mickie with a head scissor take down out of the corner. Maryse trips her up on the ropes and gets a 2 count of her own. Maryse pulls Mickie off the top now and down to the mat. Mickie counters a move and nails her signature DDT on Maryse. Mickie covers for the pinfall and the win.

Winner and New WWE Divas Champion: Mickie James

– Josh Matthews is backstage with Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. Josh says they failed tonight but they bring up Randy Orton winning his match tonight. Cody says they have a great sense of accomplishment tonight. Cody says step by step, they’re cementing their legacy and they walk off.

– Jim Ross and Todd Grisham plug the WWE Intercontinental Title Match as we go to a promo video.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler

Out first is the challenger, Dolph Ziggler. Maria is going to sit at ringside for this match. Out next is the WWE Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio to a big pop. The bell rings and they lock up. Dolph takes it to the corner and they break it up. They go to lock up again but Dolph dropkicks Rey for a 2 count.

Now Mysterio picks up a quick 2 count. They lock up again and Dolph applies a side headlock. Dolph with a shoulder block and a 1 count. Another shoulder and another pin attempt. Dolph with a headlock on Rey now as Maria cheers him on from ringside. Dolph runs the ropes and kicks Rey in the gut. Rey runs the ropes now and takes Dolph down. Rey jumps on Dolph’s shoulders but gets powerbombed back into the turnbuckle pad. Dolph with another 2 count. Dolph stomps on Rey now.

Dolph with more offense and another 2 count. Dolph with another headlock on Rey. Dolph kicks his legs in the air and puts his weight down on the headlock. Rey to his feet, fighting out of the headlock. Rey comes off the top and throws Dolph head first into the steel ring post by his legs. Rey nails a springboard leg drop and a splash off the second rope for a 2 count. Rey kicks Dolph in the face but gets caught in a big powerslam for another 2 count by Dolph. Dolph goes for a suplex but Rey slides out. Rey dumps Dolph through the ropes and to the floor. Rey comes flying over the top to the floor and onto Ziggler.

Rey goes back to the top but Dolph catches him in the ring. Dolph goes for a double underhook powerbomb but Rey takes him down into the ropes for the 619 but can’t hit it. Dolph takes control back and sits on Rey’s back with a chinlock. Dolph has a full nelson applied as he takes it to their feet. Rey fights back with kicks and elbows. Dolph catches him off the ropes with another powerslam and a 2 count. Dolph drops a big elbow on Rey for another 2 count. Dolph kicks away at Mysterio now and taunts him. Rey gets up and fights back. Another full nelson by Dolph, wearing Rey back down into a submission. Rey fights out again but Ziggler goes back to the full nelson again. Dolph turns it into a 2 count but Rey counters with a 2 of his own. Rey with a kick to the face for another quick pin attempt.

More back and forth, another 2 count for Ziggler. Dolph beats Rey down in the corner with right hands. Rey trips Dolph into the turnbuckle pad. Rey ends up on the apron and knocks Dolph back. Rey leaps off the top rope but Ziggler dropkicks him in mid-air. Another 2 count by Dolph and another. More stomps by Dolph. Dolph charges but Rey moves. Dolph goes down in the corner. Rey takes Dolph to the top and they fight there. Dolph grabs Rey and hits a nasty gut buster off the top rope. Dolph covers for a 2 count. Dolph gets kicked by Rey and an enziguri drops him into the ropes. Rey hits the 619 and splash off the ropes for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

– We get a promo hyping the Jeff Hardy and CM Punk feud.

World Heavyweight Title Match: CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy

Out first for tonight’s main event is the World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk. Out next is the challenger, Jeff Hardy, to a big pop from the Philly crowd.

We get the formal introductions for this match with Hardy’s name getting a much bigger pop than Punk’s. Punk actually get boo’d mostly. The bell rings and the crowd is chanting Hardy’s name. Punk strikes first with a big kick. More kick attempts by Punk and some taunts to Hardy. They lock up and Punk applies a headlock.

They grapple for a second before breaking it up again. Some stalling here by Punk. They lock up and another headlock by Punk, this time taking it to one knee. Punk with a shoulder off the ropes and Hardy goes down. Punk goes for GTS but Hardy slides out and goes for Twist of Fate. Punk counters but Hardy drops him with two clotheslines. Hardy with shoulders in the corner now. Roll up for 2 by Punk. Punk with another headlock on the mat now. Hardy gets to his feet and fights out of the hold. Hardy dives, Punk moves and Hardy goes rolling to the floor. Punk goes diving and ends up hitting the fan barrier head first.

2 count by Hardy now. Hardy hits a neckbreaker before climbing to the top. Punk rolls to the floor. Hardy leaps off the top to the floor but Punk moves and Hardy lands on the fan barrier. Punk gets back in the ring while the ref starts the count on Hardy. Punk starts celebrating as Hardy rolls right in at 9. Punk covers for a 2 count. Punk with knees to the back now. Another 2 count by Punk. Punk with more kicks and another 2 count. And another 2 count by Punk. Punk locks on a surfboard submission hold on Hardy. Hardy fights out of it but Punk kicks him in the ribs and keeps in control.

Punk takes Hardy to the top and they fight it out. Hardy counters and pushes Punk to the mat, they both go down. They get to their feet and Punk slaps Hardy. They trade right hands. Hardy with some forearm shots off the ropes and an inverted atomic drop. Hardy with the double leg drop and a 2 count. Hardy goes for Whisper in the Wind but Punk pushes him down from the top. Hardy gets up and Punk hits the running knee to the face in the corner. Hardy counters the bulldog and nails Whisper in the Wind for a 2 count.

Hardy drops Punk again and goes to the top. Hardy misses the Swanton Bomb as Punk moved out of the way. Punk lifts Hardy and drops him with a back breaker. Punk locks on a Dragon sleeper hold. Hardy gets up and Punk starts kicking and punching him in the head. Hardy out of nowhere hits the Twist of Fate. Hardy goes to the top and goes for the Swanton. Punk puts his knees up and Hardy lands on them. Punk with a 2 count. Punk jumps off the ropes and Hardy kicks him in the gut. Punk counters with the GTS. 2 count by Punk. And another 2 count by Punk. Another pin attempt, three in a row by Punk.

Punk rolls out to the floor and grabs his World Heavyweight title belt. Punk starts walking to the back as the crowd boo’s. Hardy gets up and attacks from behind, bringing Punk back to the ring. Hardy nails the Twist of Fate again and goes to the top. Hardy nails the Swanton for the pinfall and the win.

Winner and New World Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Hardy

– After the match, we go to replays. Jeff Hardy celebrates his big win in the ring as CM Punk tries to recover on the floor at ringside. Night of Champions goes off the air with the new World Heavyweight Champion celebrating with the fans.

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