WWE nixes big SmackDown 1000 segment?

We noted before how WWE announced that Edge will be returning for a special episode of Cutting Edge at the SmackDown 1000 episode next week. However, this segment may have already been nixed.



WWE.com is no longer advertising the Talk Show segment for the special episode of the Blue Branded Show and the page which originally had the press release about the Cutting Edge now redirects to the site’s Shows page.

Furthermore, The Company recently posted a preview of SmackDown 1000 on their official site and it doesn’t mention anything about Cutting Edge or the Hall Of Famer himself.

It’s worth mentioning here that the former World Champion was not advertised for the show otherwise so after this sudden change, there are questions about him appearing at the show at all.

So far there is no news of Edge having any other commitments for the night or why the company canceled this segment but we’ll keep you posted on the matter.

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