WWE No Longer Numbering WrestleMania, Total Divas Preview (Video), Bray Wyatt

– WWE is reportedly no longer branding WrestleMania with numbers, at least with the logo. Instead, symbols are being used to distinguish each event.



It was announced last week that WrestleMania will come to AT&T Stadium in Texas on April 3, 2016 and “32” is nowhere to be seen on the logo. It instead features a star to represent the “Lone Star State.” On top of that, the logo for this year’s WrestleMania features a “Play” button. to represent Silicon Valley, which is near Levi’s Stadium, in Santa Clara, California.

This is according to Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com, who said on Wrestling Observer Radio today that the events are no longer being branded with numbers “because Vince [McMahon] thinks it makes it sound too old.”

– E! has released this preview clip of the next all-new episode of Total Divas, which airs two weeks from now on Sunday, Feb. 8. It is centered on Alicia Fox and Cameron, who dislike each other.

The synopsis of the episode is as follows: “The future of the Bella Twins is in question after Brie’s admission that she doesn’t use protection; Nattie is forced to work with TJ even though they are separated; and Ariane makes a disastrous attempt to find out why exactly Alicia hates her.”


– Bray Wyatt granted his first wish to Jovanni of Marty Lyons Foundation before the Royal Rumble on Sunday. The official WWE website has published a photo gallery from their meeting.

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