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WWE No Mercy 2017 recap & reaction

  • CC

    Overall I found this to be disappointing. Partly because of the results being so predictable, and partly because most of the matches were fairly dull.
    The IC match was ok, but I really dont care about Jordan as a singles competitor (I never really cared about American Alpha, so was never gonna give a damn about Mr Vanilla Personality), and the ending was just so damn obvious.

    Bray vs Balor. Match was ok, but the feud itself is meaningless, and once again Bray seems to be back to being this guy that says a lot of spooky stuff to scare people, then loses all the time.

    Tag match was match of the night, but I am kinda bored with Rollins/Ambrose vs Sheamus/Cesaro now. If you are gonna drag a feud out this long, at least give it some meaning. Not just be promos of “we’re the best” .. “no, we’re the best”

    The womens match I found a bit lame. Jax, with the exception of the double Samoan drop and the bumps, just really is not that good. She also spent a good portion of the match laying outside the ring, which is usually the sign of someone who gets gassed out easily. I thought some of the spots were ok, but a lot of stuff with all of the women was telegraphed badly. Bliss was the highlight for me as she just seems to manage to conduct herself well all the time. Emma looked a bit rusty at times too.
    So much for all the dirt sheet predictions that Emma would take the pin to protect everyone else.

    Cena vs Reigns was just a succession of no selling from both men. I am not surprised Cena lost as this is supposed to be WWE’s way of getting Reigns over, but although it is designed to get him over, I think it did more for Cena than it did for Reigns. Because there is more hatred for Reigns than Cena, a lot of anti-Cena fans put their support behind Cena because they actually hate Reigns more. This made Cena look more sympathetic.

    The cruiserweight title is now officially dead. How can they give it to that reject? And please tell me who the heel and face were in that match.

    Lesnar vs Strowman had all that build up, and that is all we got? Ridiculous.
    Get that bloody belt off of Lesnar and put it on someone who actually turns up regularly.

  • ROB-1.

    Now we have to put up with 2 silly ones: Enzo acting silly, & Lesnar doing his silly dance. If we are lucky he will be back in 6 months.

  • Arnold Jackson

    The surprise was that there were no surprises.

  • Nicholas2778

    All I got to say is Braun Strowman may not be champion just yet but he will be champion some day. I starting to say maybe they are building him to win the Royal Rumble an when the WWE title on Smackdown an let him take Smackdown back up big time.