WWE No Mercy PPV Results for 10/9/16

Here are the results from tonight’s WWE No Mercy pay-per-view (PPV) event (courtesy of PWInsider):



Welcome to the Kickoff Show for No Mercy. 

Your host is Renee Young and she is joined by Booker T, Jerry Lawler, and Lita.

Renee mentions that the WWE Title Match will start off the pay per view at the top of the hour.

Booker says he cannot wait to see how this plays out tonight.  Who will win the match?  Jerry says we don’t have to wait to see it.

Renee asks about how the crowd will affect things.

Lita talks about how she is looking forward to seeing who the people will be cheering for.

We go to the Social Media Lounge and Tom Phillips.  Tom mentions that he will be joined by The Usos.

Renee mentions Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton.  We go to a video package.

Renee reminds everyone this was supposed to happen at Backlash so how will that affect things tonight.

Lita mentions Randy’s match against Brock and how he suffered an injury.  She says Randy should be on fire tonight.

Renee asks who is the predator in this situation.  Jerry says that Randy has a history of mind games and the ‘dark places’ he would go.  Jerry says Randy is not capable of being as wicked and twisted as Bray Wyatt.  Jerry says Randy thought he got Bray’s goat last week, but Bray changed things when he escaped.

Booker says that Bray shook the boat since day one.  He says Bray might be barking up the wrong tree with Randy Orton.  You cannot shake Randy up the way that Bray thinks he can.

Renee asks for predictions.  Booker is picking Randy Orton.  Jerry picks Bray Wyatt.  Lita agrees with Booker.

It is time to talk about the Intercontinental Title Match between Miz and Dolph Ziggler with Dolph’s career on the line.  We have a video package.

Renee asks what does Dolph stand to lose?  Booker says it is everything.  Booker mentions that he came from nothing and he does not want to go back to that.  He worked his butt off for 26 years to stay where he is.  He made sure the check was coming in and that the stock was not plummeting.  He did not care about stealing the show.  Booker says Dolph does not have it in him to pull it off any more.  The WWE Universe bailed on him months ago and he cannot reclaim that.  Jerry says not to blame it all on Dolph.  Miz is at his best now.  Miz hands Dolph the shovel so Dolph can dig deeper.  He says tonight will be no different.  

Renee asked about what Dolph had plans outside of the WWE and Daniel was not happy about his answer.  Lita says the roles could have been reversed for Miz and Dolph.  Miz is on a good roll now and they are evenly matched.  She says Dolph will find a way to get on top.  

Renee asks for predictions.  Lita picks Dolph Ziggler but Jerry and Booker pick Miz.

We go to the ring, where Curt Hawkins makes his way to the ring to Face the Facts with Curt Hawkins.

Curt says hello to San Francisco.  He says he did it like he said he would.  He has set foot in the ring at No Mercy.  He thanks everyone.

Curt says he will take another step forward.  He will leave everyone with a big Curt Hawkins announcement.

Curt says on Smackdown, he will be having his very first match.

Alexa Bliss goes into Shane McMahon’s office and Shane tells Alexa that Becky Lynch is unable to wrestle tonight.

Alexa says she signed a contract for a championship match so she does not care.  Becky is not here so she is the new Smackdown Women’s Champion.

Daniel says championships are earned, not given.  Daniel says that Alexa gets her chance on November 8th from Glasgow, Scotland.  Daniel says Alexa will wrestle tonight.

Alexa says she will be the champion on November 8th.

Jerry says Alexa should be awarded the title tonight.

Lita mentions in a live environment that things happen.  Becky is a fighting champion and Alexa should not be handed the title.  Jerry asks what if Alexa gets hurt in a throwaway match tonight.  Lita says it won’t be a throwaway match.

The Usos are in the Social Media Lounge with Tom Phillips.  The first question is about their new attitude.  Jimmy and Jey say the crowd caused this.  The WWE Universe gave them an attitude of they don’t give a damn.  The next question is about the motivation for their attack of American Alpha.  They say they are not jealous because they have the title match tonight.  The next question is about the New Day and their records.  The Usos say they are about winning the titles tonight and the New Day does not matter to them.

Booker talks about how he likes the Usos new attitude.  Booker says you can lose on any given Sunday, but they had a second match at Backlash.  Tonight, they will be fresh.  The beat down of American Alpha was a message to every team in the locker room.  Jerry says he likes the new attitude.  They are cool, calm, and collected.  They have a champion’s air around them.  He says Heath Slater is a Jeff Foxworthy joke.  

Renee asks what happens if Heath loses tonight.  Lita says Heath has come a long way and she says people are discounting Heath less since he won the titles.  Heath and Rhyno should be worried about the Usos.

Renee asks for predictions.  Jerry picks the Usos.  Booker picks Slater and Rhyno because they are the champions.  Lita picks Slater and Rhyno as well.

We take a look at what happened between Jack Swagger and Baron Corbin on Smackdown and the referee calling for the bell when it looked like Baron was reaching for the ropes.

Renee asks if this match should be happening.  Booker says the referee made a mistake on Tuesday.  Booker says he did not see a tap out.  Lita says she enjoyed seeing Baron losing control because he is always under control and calm.  

Renee asks for predictions.  Jerry picks Swagger and there will be no doubt about the tap out.  Lita picks Swagger as well.  Booker picks Corbin.

It is time to take a look at the Carmella and Nikki Bella match and Nikki joins the panel.

Renee asks about Total Bellas.  She says it felt amazing because Total Bellas is like no other reality show.  They had so much drama and chaos.  It is an insane and compelling season.

Renee asks Nikki is John is really like that.

Lita asks about Carmella and whether Carmella knows about Nikki knowing her limits.  Nikki says Carmella reminds her of Nikki in her early days.  Going through what she went through, she would not be back in the ring if she was not ready.  She is here to be inspiring and compelling.  She says she feels unstoppable.

Booker asks Nikki if she feels disrespected.  Nikki says she feels disrespected but she knows that Carmella is trying to make her name. 

Lita predicts Nikki wins and so does Jerry.  Booker picks Carmella.

We go to the ring for our first match and your announcers are Mauro Ranallo, John Layfield, and David Otunga.

Match Number One:  Jason Jordan, Chad Gable, Zack Ryder, and Mojo Rawley versus Aiden English, Simon Gotch, Konnor, and Viktor

Gable and English start things off and they lock up and Gable with a double leg take down.  Gable with a leg trip and a waist lock take down into a front face lock.  Jordan tags in and Gable with an Irish whip and then Gotch is sent into the corner.  Gable with a monkey flip to Gotch followed by a double hip toss and a double drop kick to English for a near fall.  Ryder tags in and he head butts the arm.  English with a punch and Viktor tags in and he takes Ryder down with a side head lock take down.  Viktor with a shoulder tackle and he goes for a suplex but Ryder lands on his feet and he hits a neck breaker.  Rawley tags in and he dances around before boxing Viktor’s ears.  Rawley talks about hype and then he goes to a three point stance.  Rawley with a clothesline for a near fall.

Konnor tags in and he punches Rawley.  Konnor with a chop and Rawley with a punch.  Ryder makes the tag and Rawley with a cross body and Ryder with a flap jack to Viktor.  Gable and Jordan with German suplexes to English and Gotch.  All four men clothesline the Ascension and Vaudevillains over the top rope and we go to commercial.

We are back and Konnor with a side head lock on Ryder and Konnor punches Ryder and gets a near fall.  Viktor tags in and he kicks Ryder.  Konnor with a punch and Viktor gets a near fall.  Konnor tags in and they kick Ryder.  We see what happened during the commercial break.  Konnor puts the ring skirt over Ryder’s head and he kicks Ryder.  English tags in and English punches Ryder and gets a near fall.  English with a reverse chin lock and he sings a lullaby for Ryder.  Ryder punches English and hits a jaw breaker but English keeps Ryder from making the tag.

Gotch tags in and he punches Ryder.  Gotch gets a near fall.  Konnor tags in and he tells Gotch to let him go.  Konnor stomps on Ryder.  Konnor with a European uppercut and he says something to Rawley.  Konnor runs into a boot and Ryder is tripped and pulled to the floor. Ryder sends Konnor into the ringside barrier and both men are down.  Gotch is sent to the floor and Rawley and Gable are pulled off the apron.  Ryder moves and Konnor goes into the ring post.  

English and Jordan tag in and Jordan with clotheslines and he sends English into the air followed by an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and a shoulder in the corner.  Jordan with an Exploder but Gotch breaks up the cover.  Rawley with a forearm to Gotch.  Viktor with a running European uppercut to Rawley.  Ryder with a Rough Ryder to Konnor and Gable with a cross body.  Gable and Jordan hit Grand Amplitude for the three count on English.

Winners:  Jason Jordan, Chad Gable, Zack Ryder, and Mojo Rawley

It is time to talk about the WWE Title Match.  We have a video package.

Renee mentions this match will take place in a few minutes.

Jerry says that he used to say he was on the main event that happened first when he was in the opening match.  He says the other matches will have a hard time to top this.  Jerry picks Cena.  Renee asks about the pressure on Cena.  Jerry says that Cena is worried about Flair’s legacy.  She asks Lita who has the momentum.  Lita says the upper hand changes every night.  AJ is the champ but it is anyone’s game.  She talks about the Face that Runs the Place and the Champ that runs the Camp.  Lita says it was not just one PPV that made Cena who he is. Ambrose and Styles are in the running, but it does not change after tonight.

Booker says he has known AJ for a long time.  Booker says he talked to AJ five years ago and that you need to make some sacrifices to be the best.  You have to think about yourself.  AJ has beaten the number one guy in the business, John Cena.  A lot have thought they could take the baton from John, but they failed.  AJ has done it.

Renee asks if AJ should have let Dean and AJ take care of each other.  Lita says a triple threat match can be an advantage and a detriment.  Lita picks Dean Ambrose, Jerry picks John Cena, and Booker picks AJ Styles.

Match Number One:  WWE World Heavyweight Title Match:  AJ Styles versus Dean Ambrose versus John Cena

All three men make their statements before locking up.  Ambrose gets in Cena’s face and he pie faces him and punches Styles.  Cena gets Ambrose on his shoulders but Styles goes for a Styles Clash.  All three men go down after a clothesline.  Ambrose kicks Cena in the corner and he knocks Styles away with punches.  Ambrose with more kicks to Cena and then he drop kicks Styles to the floor and sends him into the ringside barrier.  Ambrose sends Cena into the ringside barrier and he sends Cena into the ringside barrier with a side Russian leg sweep.  Ambrose sends Styles into the announce table.

Ambrose kicks Cena from the apron.  Cena catches Ambrose off the apron and Cena runs Ambrose into the ring post.  Styles with a slingshot pescado onto Cena.  Styles rolls Cena into the ring and he punches Cena.  Ambrose drops Styles on the top rope and Ambrose tries to suplex Styles over the top rope to the floor.  Styles blocks Ambrose and they go back and forth.  Ambrose gets back into the ring and Ambrose with a waist lock.  Styles with a standing switch and Cena with a German suplex to both men at the same time.

Styles with a running forearm to knock Ambrose off the apron and to the floor.  Styles signals for the Styles Clash but Cena with a catapult followed by a flapjack and a near fall.  Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Styles lands on his feet and Styles with a Pele Kick and both men are down.  Ambrose is still on the floor so he cannot take advantage of the situation.  Ambrose with a slingshot sunset flip to Styles.  Styles with a springboard moonsault and he hits the inverted DDT on Ambrose while hitting a neck breaker on Cena. Ambrose with forearms to Styles and he charges into the corner but Styles with a back body drop that sends Ambrose into the ring steps.

Styles with a kick and Cena blocks a suplex and hits a gourdbuster.  Cena with Code Red for a near fall.  Cena goes to the turnbuckles with Styles on his shoulders and Styles is able to counter into a back breaker and a sit out power bomb for a near fall.  Cena blocks a punch and connects with punches on Styles.  Styles with a sleeper.  Cena reverses the sleeper.  Ambrose with a sleeper to Cena and he gets on Cena’s back.  Cena backs Ambrose into the corner where Styles is standing.  Cena backs into Styles two more times and Cena gets free.  Cena with two flying shoulder tackles to Ambrose followed by a Blue Thunder Bomb.

Styles with a German Suplex into a sit out front driver.  Ambrose does the same.  Cena with clotheslines to Styles.  Ambrose with a clothesline off the turnbuckles to Cena for a near fall.  Styles with a Phenomenal Forearm to Cena.  Ambrose goes for the double underhook DDT but Styles backs Ambrose into the corner.  Styles puts Ambrose on the turnbuckles and Styles sets for a superplex but decides to go for a Frankensteiner and Ambrose rolls through for a sunset flip and a near fall.  Styles with a rollup for a near fall.  Ambrose and Styles hit clotheslines at the same time and Ambrose gets a cover for a near fall using his head.

Cena gets back into the ring and he looks around and sees Ambrose and Styles down.  Cena signals for a five knuckle shuffle and hits it on both men at the same time.  Cena wtih an Attitude Adjustment on Styles and he rolls out of the ring.  Cena with an Attitude Adjustment on Ambrose for a near fall.  Cena with an STF on Ambrose.  Styles breaks up the hold with a double sledge to the back.  Cena goes to the apron.  Cena goes for an Attitude Adjustment on the apron but Styles lands on his feet and he suplexes Cena on the apron.  Styles hits a springboard 450 splash but Ambrose kicks out.

Styles kicks Cena on the floor and Styles goes to the apron.  Ambrose kicks Styles as he comes off the ropes but Styles with a rake of the eyes and he hits the Styles Clash on Ambrose.  Cena puts Styles in the STF.  Ambrose keeps Styles from taping out and Ambrose punches Cena to get Cena to release the STF.  Ambrose with punches and knees to Cena.  Ambrose slaps Cena and he hits a forearm int he corner.  Ambrose with one to Styles but Cena hits Ambrose from behind and he gets Ambrose and Styles on his shoudlers for an Attitude Adjustment.  Styles gets to his feet and Styles takes care of Cena with a kick but Ambrose clotheslines Styles.  

Ambrose picks up Styles and puts him on the turnbuckles.  Ambrose goes for a super Double Underhook DDT but Cena with a running sit out power bomb for a near fall on Ambrose.  Styles wit a cross body and Cena rolls through and holds on to Styles and then puts Styles on his shoudlers but Styles with a rollup into the Calf Crusher.  Cena looks like he is going to tap out but Ambrose with an elbow to get Styles to break up the hold.  Ambrose with a Calf Crusher on Styles.  Cena adds an STF and Styles taps out.

The referee continues the match with Ambrose and Cena and Cena with a clothesline as Dean comes off the ropes.

Cena gets Ambrose on his shoulders and Ambrose counters with a double underhook DDT and Styles pulls the referee out of the ring.  Ambrose with a suicide dive to Styles while the referee argues with Styles.  Styles is thrown over the announce table.  Ambrose goes up top and Cena with a punch and he hits a super Attitude Adjustment and Styles hits Cena with a chair and Styles falls on Cena to get the three count

Winner:  AJ Styles

We have a video package for Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt.

Mauro announces that the Women’s Title Match is off due to an injury suffered by Becky Lynch, but Alexa Bliss will still wrestle.

Match Number Two:  Nikki Bella versus Carmella

Carmella tries to leave the ring when the bell rings and she gets into the ropes.  Carmella slaps Nikki.  Nikki tosses Carmella round the ring by her hair and slaps Carmella.  Nikki throws her around the ring some more and hits a facebuster and drop kick to the back when Carmella goes to the floor.  Carmella with a hot shot on the ringside barrier.  Carmella throws Nikki into the matrix board on the apron.  Nikki’s neck is driven into the apron by Carmella and then she uses the ring post for a bow and arrow.  Carmella gets a near fall.  Carmella with elbows to the neck and a chin lock.

Carmella grabs Nikki by the hair and pulls Nikki to the mat.  Carmella moonwalks and hits the Bronco Buster for a near fall.  Carmella returns to a chin lock.  Carmella with a knee and she sends Nikki into the turnbuckles.  Carmella pulls Nikki by the hair and the referee warns Carmella.  Carmella does more moonwalking but Nikki with a spear when Carmella goes for another Bronco Buster.  Nikki with drop kicks and a clothesline in the corner.  Nikki with a springboard round kick for a near fall.  Nikki gets Carmella on her shoulders but Carmella holds on to the ropes.  Nikki hits an X Factor but Carmella kicks out.

Carmella kicks Nikki away and hits a head scissors followed by a thrust kick and she gets a near fall.  Nikki with a small package for a near fall.  Carmella with a flaliner and the Code of Silence but Nikki gets to her feet and Carnella with a sunset flip for a near fall.  Nikki with a forearm and Carmella with the Code of Silence.  Nikki tries to get to the ropes and succeeds.  Carmella slaps Nikki and then connects with forearms.  Nikki gets Carmella on her shoulders and hits a TKO for the three count.

Winner:  Nikki Bella

Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan are watching the monitor and talk about the first two matches.

Miz and Maryse enter and Miz says what would stand out is when the A Lister retires Dolph Ziggler.  Miz says he cannot take all the credit.  Daniel is responsible for it.  No matter how many times you watch Rocky IV, Apollo Creed is destroyed by Ivan Drago.  You let Dolph fail time after time.  You are going to have a lot in common after tonight.  You will both be retired.  Miz mentions that this is Day 188, and he wants to renegotiate after the win.  Since there will be funds available now that Dolph will be gone.  Miz and Maryse leave.

Match Number Three:  WWE Smackdown Tag Title Match:  Heath Slater and Rhyno versus Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso

Rhyno and Jimmy start things off.  They lock up and Rhyno pushes Jimmy away.  They lock up again and Rhyno with a wrist lock into a side head lock.  Rhyno with a shoulder tackle and he blocks a hip toss from Jimmy.  Rhyno with a chop and punches.  Slater tags in and they hit a double back elbow.  Slater with a forearm into the corner and he Irish whips Jimmy but Jimmy slides into the corner and hits an uppercut.  Jey tags in and he chops Slater.  Jey with a slam and he slams him again.  Jey with a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall.  Jey with a wrist lock and Jimmy tags in and he hits a running forearm into the corner.  Jimmy gets a near fall.

Jimmy with a reverse chin lock and he goes for a belly-to-back suplex but Slater lands on his feet and he tags in Rhyno.  Rhyno with a clothesline and elbow to Jimmy.  Rhyno with a chop to Jimmy but Jimmy with an Irish whip and Rhyno with a clothesline out of the corner.  Rhyno with a shoulder into the corner followed by a belly-to-belly suplex.  Rhyno sets for the GORE but Jey distracts Rhyno and Jimmy with a drop kick.  Jey tags in and hits a running butt splash for a near fall.  Jey kicks Rhyno and they start to work on the ribs and Jey gets a near fall.  Jimmy tags back in and he kicks Rhyno in the head and Jimmy gets a near fall.

Jimmy with a reverse chin lock but Rhyno with punches.  Jimmy pulls Rhyno down by the hair.  Jey tags in and Jimmy holds Rhyno down.  Jey with a baseball slide to the head.  Rhyno with punches but Jey with a series of punches that stagger Rhyno, but Rhyno wants more.  Rhyno finally goes down on the third punch but Jey can only get a near fall.  Jimmy tags in and he punches Rhyno.  Jimmy with an Irish whip but Rhyno with an uppercut.  Jimmy keeps Rhyno from making the tag but Rhyno with a spinebuster and both men are down.  Jey and Slater tag in and Slater with punches and a running knee.  Slater with a jumping leg lariat to Jimmy.  Slater with a neck breaker to Jey for a near fall.  Slater with a rollup for a near fall.

Jey with a pop up Samoan drop for a near fall.  Jimmy tags in and Rhyno pulls Jey out of the ring and runs him into the apron.  Jimmy with a baseball slide to Rhyno.  Jimmy with a punch to Slater and Jimmy goes up top.  Slater jumps up and hits a power slam from the turnbuckles for a near fall.  Jimmy with a super kick and Jey tags in and Jey with the Jumping kick to the leg and Jey with a Tequila Sunrise.  Rhyno with a GORE to Jimmy and a clothesline to Jey to get him to release the hold.  Rhyno tags in and he sets for the GORE and he hits it for the three count.

Winners:  Rhyno and Heath Slater

Bray Wyatt appears and he speaks in tongues.  He laughs at something as he rocks in his chair.  Bray hums “He’s Got the Whole World in his Hands”

We see footage of Baron Corbin tapping out . . . or did he tap out against Jack Swagger on Smackdown.

Match Number Four:  Baron Corbin versus Jack Swagger

Corbin punches Swagger as the bell rings.  Corbin with forearms but Swagger with an Irish whip and Corbin slides to the floor.  Swagger with a clothesline and he clotheslines Corbin over the top rope to the floor.  Swagger sends Corbin into the ringside barrier and the announce table.  Corbin sends Swagger into the ring steps and Corbin kicks the ring steps when Swagger’s hand was caught against the steps.  Corbin with a clothesline.

They return to the ring and Corbin wraps the injured hand in the ropes and he punches Swagger.  Corbin stands on the injured hand and he stomps on it.  Corbin manipulates the fingers.  Corbin with a forerm but Swagger with an elbow and punches.  Corbin with a kick to the leg and then Corbin with a shoulder tackle that sends Swagger into the turnbuckles.  Corbin gets a near fall.  Corbin continues to work on the fingers to make the hand injury worse.  Corbin with a forearm and Swagger sends Corbin into the ring post and both men are down.

Swagger punches Corbin but Corbin with a kick and punches.  Swagger with more punches.  Corbin with an Irish whip and he misses a splash.  Swagger with clotheslines in the corner and a belly-to-belly slam.  Swagger wtih a double jump Swagger Bomb and he gets a near fall.  Swagger goes for the ankle lock but he cannot grab the ankle.  Corbin kicks Swagger in the hand and hits Deep Six for a near fall.  Corbin and the referee discuss how to count to three.  Corbin with a running punch.  Corbin tells Jack to get up and Swagger with a clothesline for a near fall.  

Corbin gets his boot up but Swagger grabs it and he applies the ankle lock.  Corbin tries to grab the ropes but Swagger pulls him into the center of the ring.  Corbin gets to the ring skirt and Swagger is told to release the hold.  Corbin with a thumb to the eye when the referee was not looking and Corbin with End of Days for the three count.

Winner:  Baron Corbin

Dolph Ziggler walks in the back.

Match Number Five: WWE Intercontinental Title Match:  Miz (with Maryse) versus Dolph Ziggler [If Dolph Ziggler loses, his WWE career is over]

Ziggler goes for the leg but Miz gets to the ropes.  Ziggler goes for a super kick but Miz avoids it.  Ziggler with a clothesline for a near fall.  Miz catapults Ziggler over the top rope to the floor and Ziggler with a drop kick and a Mick Foley clothesline.  Ziggler with a clothesline when they get back into the ring.  Miz sends Ziggler sterum first into the turnbuckles.  Miz with punches to Ziggler and he chokes him in the ropes.  Miz with a running splash to the back.

Miz with a double under hook but Ziggler escapes.  Miz with a clothesline.  Miz gets a near fall.  Miz punches and stomps on Ziggler’s chest.  Miz with a catapult into the bottom rope.  Miz goes for a surfboard and he mocks Bryan and drives the knees into the mat.  Ziggler gets back to his feet and he kicks Miz in the knee.  Ziggler has a super kick blocked.  Miz with Reality Check for a near fall.  

Miz sets for the running drop kick into the corner and he hits it.  Miz hits two more running drop kicks into the corner.  Ziggler with a drop kick as Miz runs across the ring.  Ziggler with two flying clotheslines followed by a splash in the corner, a neck breaker, and a leaping elbow drop for a near fall.  Miz counters a Fameasser attempt and tries for a power bomb but Ziggler with a sunset flip for a near fall.  Miz uses the ropes for extra leverage so the referee stops his count.  Miz misses a charge into the corner and Ziggler with a rollup.  Miz with a counter for a near fall.  Ziggler goes for the hesitation DDT but Miz blocks it and then he kicks Ziggler in the knee and hits a DDT for a near fall.  

Miz with a knee to the hamstring as he sets for the figure four leg lock.  Ziggler kicks Miz away.  Ziggler has a kick blocked and Miz puts the leg in the ropes and kicks it.  Miz with a drop kick and then he goes for a figure four leg lock, but Ziggler counters with an inside cradle and a near fall.  Miz with an Awesome Clothesline and Miz goes up top.  Ziggler hits the ropes and it crotches Miz.  Miz goes for a sunset flip power bomb but Ziggler blocks it.  Ziggler counters the slingshot power bomb into a sunset flip but Miz is able to lock in a figure four leg lock.  Miz gets a near fall but Ziggler gets to the ropes.

Maryse gets on the apron and Miz exposes the turnbuckle.  Ziggler with a Rough Ryder for a near fall.  Ziggler sets for the Zig Zag but Miz holds on to teh ropes and Miz sends Ziggler into the exposed turnbuckle.  Miz with a slingshot power bomb for a near fall.  Miz kicks Ziggler.  Miz winds up for the round house kick and Ziggler ducks and hits a Zig Zag but Miz kicks out.  Miz blocks a super kick and Ziggler with a rollup out of a Skull Crushing Finale.  Ziggler with a sleeper and Miz is losing consciousness.  Miz reaches for the ropes and he gets to them in full desperation.

Maryse sprays Ziggler and Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale but Ziggler is able to get his foot on the rope to stop the count.  Miz punches Ziggler and the referee warns Miz.  Ziggler removes the boot and Miz punches Ziggler.  Ziggler with a super kick and Maryse signals to the back.

Kenny and Mikey come to ringside and Ziggler super kicks Mikey.  Miz with a Skull Crushing Finale but Ziggler kicks out.  The referee sends Mikey, Kenny, and Maryse to teh back.  Ziggler wtih a super kick and he gets the three count.

Winner:  Dolph Ziggler

Randy Orton is in the back and he looks into the mirror and his face morphs and Orton is not sure what he just saw.

We are back at the Kickoff show Panel and they talk about the WWE Title Match.

Booker points out that he picked AJ.  Lita says they won’t talk about how he won, but the fact that he won.  Lita points out she picked Ziggler to win.  Jerry says it is a sad day for Cleveland because Miz lost.  Jerry points out that Mike Napoli is a Miz fan.

We see the in ring return of Curt Hawkins.

Renee mentions the eight man tag match from the Kickoff Show and we see highlights.

Alexa Bliss come to the ring and she says that Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon are protecting their pathetic champion.  She was told Becky had an injury not related to in ring competition.  Either she had a hangnail or her orange hair fell out.  It is because of her.  Becky was afraid to lose her Smackdown Women’s title to her.  There is not a single woman in this entire arena on the same level as her.

Naomi’s music plays and she comes out.

Match Number Six:  Alexa Bliss versus Naomi

They lock up and Naomi with a side head lock and Alexa with a side head lock of her own.  Alexa with a shoulder tackle and she poses over Naomi and mocks her.  Naomi grabs the ankle and Alexa with a kick and she stomps Naomi’s head into the mat.  Naomi wit a kick and then she goes with the Speedball kicks and hits a round kick that sends Alexa to the mat.  Naomi with a double jump split legged moonsault for a near fall.  Alexa with a forearm.

Naomi with a double Sole Food.  Alexa knocks Naomi down on the apron and hits an elbow drop and gets a near fall.  Alexa drops down on the arm with a knee and then she works on the elbow and shoulder.  Naomi with forearms but Alexa with a swinging arm wringer and she gets a near fall.  Alexa with an arm bar as she puts her weight on Naomi.  Alexa stomps on the shoulder and returns to the arm bar.  Alexa with an Irish whip and she kicks Naomi in the corner.  Alexa uses the ropes for extra leverage.  Naomi sends Alexa into the turnbuckles.  Naomi with a leaping X Factor.  Naomi with a drop kick.  Alexa with a forearm but Naomi with Rear View for a near fall.  Alexa takes Naomi down and applies a cross arm breaker but Naomi rolls through and gets the three count.

Winner:  Naomi

After the match, Alexa throws a tantrum that would make Christian jealous.

Match Number Seven: Randy Orton versus Bray Wyatt

They lock up and Bray looks back at Orton from the turnbuckles.  Orton goes for an RKO and Wyatt avoids it and goes to the floor.  Bray returns to the ring.  Orton with punches but Wyatt with an uppercut and a double thrust to the throat.  Orton sends Wyatt to the mat and then he does the Garvin Stomp and follows with a knee drop.  Orton punches Wyatt in the corner.  Orton with a European uppercut and he punches Wyatt.  

Wyatt sets for Sister Abigail but Orton escapes.  Orton avoids Wyatt and Wyatt goes to the floor.  Orton sets for an IEDDT but Wyatt escapes and he drops Orton on the ropes and pulls him to the floor.  Wyatt with punches and a double thrust to the throat.  Orton is sent into the announce table.  Orton goes for an RKO but Wyatt sends Orton over the announce table.  Wyatt goes into the ring to break the referee’s count.

Wyatt sets up the ring steps in front of the announce table but Orton with a forearm and clothesline.  Orton sends Wyatt back into the ring.  Wyatt sends Orton into the ringside barrier from the apron and Wyatt does Orton’s pose.  Wyatt with boots in the corner followed by a clothesline and a back senton for a near fall.  Orton with punches but Wyatt with a knee and he sends Orton into the turnbuckles and follows with a splash.

Wyatt with a reverse chin lock.  Orton with punches but Wyatt with an uppercut.  Wyatt and Orton go to the apron and Wyatt with a DDT on the apron for a near fall.  Wyatt gets another near fall.  Wyatt with a clothesline and he gets a near fall.  Wyatt with a reverse chin lock.  Wyatt with a slam and he goes to the turnbuckles.  Wyatt misses a back senton when Orton rolls out of the way.  Orton and Wyatt exchange punches.;  Orton with a kick and head butt thrown in.  Orton with a kick and forearm followed by a European uppercut.  Wyatt with an Irish whip and Orton with a clothesline out of the corner.  Orton with another clothesline and he ducks a clothesline from Wyatt.  Wyatt holds on to the ropes to avoid the power slam.  Wyatt goes for Sister Abigail but Orton moves.  Orton with a power slam.

Wyatt gets a near fall.  Wyatt sets for a uranage but Orton blocks it and Orton goes for an RKO.  Wyatt goes for Sister Abigail.  Orton with a rollup for a near fall.  Wyatt with a uranage for a near fall.  Wyatt sends Orton to the floor in front of the ring steps.  Wyatt puts Orton on the ring steps.  Wyatt goes for a back senton onto Orton on the ring steps but Orton moves and Wyatt lands on the steps.

Orton slams Wyatt’s head into the announce table and then into the ringside barrier.  Orton with a back drop driver onto the ringside barrier.   Orton returns to the ring and he sets for the IEDDT and he connects.  Orton looks around and he twists to the mat and pounds it.

The lights go out and they come back on.

Luke Harper is in the ring with Randy Orton and Wyatt hits Sister Abigail for the three count.

Winner:  Bray Wyatt

After the match, Wyatt and Harper embrace.

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