WWE NXT recap & results (8/9)

Nikki Cross started off NXT screaming in the ring. Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe of SAnitY joined her in the ring and they called out the Authors of Pain. Akam and Rezar made their way down the entrance ramp. Eric Young made his return and attacked the Authors of Pain from behind. Rezar was zip-tied to the barricade on the entrance ramp and SAnitY beatdown Akam in the ring.



Rezar broke the steel guardrail off the entrance ramp and tried to make his way to the ring to help his partner. Sanity then beatdown Rezar while he was on the ring apron. Eric Young then connected with a Neckbreaker off the top rope as Dain and Wolfe held up Akam. Nikki Cross then grabbed the NXT tag titles and SAnitY celebrated with them in the ring.

Metro Brothers vs Street Profits

Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford made their NXT debut as the Street Profits. Montez Ford came down to the ring with a red solo cup. Dawkins and Chris Metro started off the match. Dawkins knocked Chris to the mat with a shoulder tackle and then followed it up with an Arm Drag. Ford was then tagged in and he connected with a Dropkick and Dawkins hit Chris Metro with a Splash before exiting to the ring apron.

Ford planted Metro with a Belly to Back Suplex. Chris jabbed Ford in the chest and JC Metro was tagged in as Ford was isolated in the corner. Ford escaped and leaped across the ring to tag in Dawkins. Dawkins leveled Chris Metro with a Spear and tagged in Ford who connected with a Frog Splash onto JC Metro for the pinfall victory.

Winners: Street Profits

NXT General Manager William Regal entered the ring and introduced Drew McIntyre and NXT Champion Bobby Roode. McIntyre will challenge Roode for the NXT Championship at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III on August 19th. McIntyre was first to the ring and got a solid reaction from the crowd at Full Sail University.

NXT Champion Bobby Roode made his way to the ring as the crowd sang along to his theme. A security team escorted Roode to the ring. The security team set up on the ring apron as Roode grabbed the microphone. Roode said that security team was to protect everyone from Roderick Strong because he is running around like a madman backstage trying to get his hands on Roode.

Roode welcomed McIntyre back to WWE. Roode said that he doesn’t need a second chance in WWE like McIntyre. Roode boasted about his current run in NXT and how he has accomplished everything that he said he was going to do. Roode said NXT belongs to him and then poked fun at McIntyre for saying he was the “chosen one”. Roode stated that he doesn’t need to be chosen because everybody already knows that he is simply the one.

McIntyre responded by saying that Roode has had a fantastic year and perhaps the best year of any NXT Champion. McIntyre stated that he is starting to pity Roode because he is a complete ass. McIntyre said that he is going to Claymore Roode back down to earth at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III and become the new NXT Champion.

Roderick Strong’s theme hit and Strong came down to the entrance ramp. Strong stated that he is not done with Bobby Roode. Strong said that it isn’t about the NXT Championship, this is about Bobby Roode disrespecting his family and Strong as a man. Strong asked Roode if he was man enough to face him in a fight. Bobby Roode took off his suit jacket and said that he will fight Strong any time he wants.

Roode said that Strong will have to go through McIntyre first. Roode proposed that Strong face McIntyre next week and if he wins, Strong will get a shot at Roode’s NXT championship. Regal then stated that he was the one that makes the matches around here. McIntyre interrupted and told Regal to make the match and claimed that he will defeat Strong and then take Roode’s NXT Championship four days later at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn III.

NXT General Manager William Regal then made the match official for next week on NXT. Strong will face McIntyre next week and if Strong wins he gets a shot at the title after TakeOver: Brooklyn III. Roode then grabbed the microphone and said that he loved it and that the match next week will be “glorious”.

Johnny Gargano was interviewed backstage. Gargano said that he wanted a match at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III.

Oney Lorcan vs Danny Burch

The crowd chanted “Oney” as the two Superstars circled each other to start off the match. Lorcan drove Burch into the corner and the referee broke it up. Oney connected with a jab to the ribs and the two Superstars tied up. Burch applied a Cravate but Lorcan was able to drive Burch to the ropes and the hold was broken.

Burch once again locked in the Cravate but Lorcan broke the hold and threw Burch into the ropes. Burch leveled Lorcan with a shoulder tackle. Both Superstars got back to their feet and traded uppercuts. Lorcan lifted Burch up onto his shoulders and launched him into the turnbuckle for a two count.

Lorcan continued the attack with a Belly to Back Suplex for a two count. Lorcan connected with a series of chops and the impact on Burch’s chest echoed throughout the arena. Lorcan ran at Burch in the corner but Danny got his feet up and then connected with a Dropkick off the second rope. Burch perched Lorcan up on the top rope but Oney escaped.

Burch connected with a German Suplex and followed it up with a Lariat for a two count. Burch went for a Suplex but Lorcan blocked it initially. Burch then connected with the Tower of London for a two count. Lorcan connected with a big uppercut and went for another but Burch ducked out of the way. Lorcan planted Burch with a Neckbreaker for a two count.

Lorcan and Burch traded punches in the ring. Burch connected with a knee to the face and then went for a chop but Lorcan caught him and tried to apple a single-leg Crab. Burch blocked it but Lorcan stomped on the back of his head and then applied the Boston Crab. Burch then reversed it into a roll-up for a victory.

After the match, Burch extended his hand and Lorcan slapped it away. Lorcan then changed his mind and extended his hand and the two Superstars shook hands.

Winner: Danny Burch

No Way Jose vs Andrade “Cien” Almas (w/ Zelina Vega)

Jose danced in the crowd before the match and a conga line broke out. Almas applied a headlock to start off the match but Jose threw him to the ring apron. Almas rolled out of the ring and Vega gave him a pep talk. Back in the ring, Almas sent Jose to the mat with a shoulder tackle. No Way Jose planted Almas with a Flapjack.

Jose threw Almas to the ropes and Almas caught himself between the top two ropes. Jose booted Almas in the face and Almas once again fell out of the ring. Zelina got in Almas’ face outside the ring and started shouting at him. Almas returned to the ring and took control of the match. Almas connected with a boot to the face and then beatdown No Way Jose in the corner. Almas connected to a running Double Knees and then Zelina Vega shouted at Almas to finish him. Almas then connected with the Hammerlock DDT for the victory.

After the match, Zelina Vega grabbed a microphone next to the announce table. Vega said that Almas deserves the spotlight and said that Almas wants to face Johnny Gargano at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III.

Winner: Andrade “Cien” Almas

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