WWE NXT Report – May 18th

WWE NXT Report – May 18th, 2010
Report by Richard Trionfo, PWInsider



We begin tonight’s show with a look back at the bloodletting of three rookies. Who goes home tonight?

We are live on tape from Kanata, Ontario, Canada and your announcers are Josh ‘Can I announce a match at the pay per view’ Mathews and Michael ‘Why are they calling me Charles Logan tonight’ Cole. Your host is Matt ‘My Favorite Cricket’ Striker.

Matt Striker is on the stage and he brings out six of the pros instead of the rookies. Striker reminds us that one rookie was eliminated because of the Pro’s Poll and another one goes home through the same procedure. Matt wants to know what the pros are looking for from the rookies. Miz says that he is looking for someone to gain a larger audience than WWE already has. He wants to know that the person will want you to watch when you flip through the dial. Regal says that he is looking for adaptability for each situation. He says that he can be funny one moment and then in someone’s face the next. He says that you need in ring skills as well as a personality. CM Punk says that he would love to explain what he looks for but he says that he does not need to speak here because he has lost his appetite and his will to be in front of the people. Christian says that he is looking for someone who will capture the imagination of the WWE Universe. Someone who will take this competition for himself. He says that he is looking for someone to show ‘it’. He says that he saw ‘it’ from some. Regal wants to know when Christian will show him ‘it’.

Matt Hardy says that he is looking for someone who has the potential to be the complete package. They need to be able to wrestle, to talk, and have ‘it’. They need to be able to survive in the locker room. Chris Jericho is the last one and he says that he is looking for somebody to make him want to pay money to see them. Jericho says that with one exception there is not one rookie who he would want to part with his money to see in the ring.

We see highlights from two weeks ago when Barrett and Young fought at ringside at the end of the show.

Match Number One: Darren Young versus Wade Barrett with Chris Jericho

Barrett has something to say but Young pushes his hand away. Barrett pushes Young and Young with a take down and punches. Barrett goes to the floor but Young goes to the apron and Barrett trips him. Young is run into the apron by Barrett before they return to the ring. Barrett with a big boot for a near fall. Barrett with a surfboard and then Barrett pulls Young down by the hair but misses an elbow drop. Young with punches to Barrett and a flying shoulder tackle and reverse atomic drop. Young with another punch and slam for a near fall. Barrett with a jawbreaker but Young with a forearm and Barrett goes down. Young with a full nelson but Barrett escapes the hold and then he puts Young on the turnbuckles and Young with a punch and tries for a tornado DDT but Young is sent to the apron. Barrett is dropped on the top rope. Young goes up top again and Barrett crotches Young and kicks him before hitting the fireman’s carry slam for the three count.

Winner: Wade Barrett

After the match, Cole and Mathews talk about Wade Barrett and then Cole mentions David Otunga.

It is time for the pros to talk about David Otunga. Regal says that he has a lot going for him. Truth says that he has the it factor. Jericho says that Otunga stands out from the other rookies. Miz says that Otunga is the next breakout star. Miz says that he is a star. Truth says that he disagrees with the rankings and thinks that he should be number one. Miz says that Otunga is a star already and can bring a new fanbase. Christian says that he has not seen the in ring talent match Otunga’s personality. Punk says that he is the worst rookie and he does not see ‘superstar’ when he sees him. Hardy says that Otunga got here on a free pass. Christian wonders if he is engaged to Kelly Clarkson. Hardy says that he wants to slap the sunglasses off. Punk mentions that Otunga wears sunglasses indoors and then he sighs. Truth says that you can be your own worst enemy. Regal says that Otunga can learn. Truth says that not everyone gets to learn like Otunga does and he needs to apply it in the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Michael Tarver and Daniel Bryan are in the ring with Matt Striker. Matt reminds us that their eliminations were controversial and we go to the video tape.

Matt asks them for their feelings about the eliminations. Michael goes first and he says that he was told that it would be judged by a pro’s poll. However, he was eliminated by WWE Management. He wants to know who WWE Management is. It is a bunch of easily intimidated pencil pushers. They did not have the guts to eliminate him face to face. Striker mentions Tarver’s actions and comments. Tarver says that if there were eight limos that were the same color except one, which one would you notice. Tarver says that he was told to make it, you have to be different. Tarver says that he was revolutionary and he showed it during the competition.

Matt interrupts Tarver and then turns his attention to Daniel Bryan. Did Bryan say that he should be eliminated. Daniels say that it was true but the truth is that he was eliminated by management and not the pros. When he came to WWE, he learned about the politics and how Vince likes the big guys and the guys they made themselves. Daniel says that he is a self made man who was not created by the WWE machine. He thinks they want a guy who will make the most money. They need to find the best people for this job and he is the best person for this job. Matt wants to know if Bryan eliminated himself with his comments. Bryan says that Matt should know better and he says that he does not have to tell anyone that he is better than everyone. He tells Chris Jericho and William Regal that he showed them in the ring. He tells the Miz that he is better than him.

The Miz calls Bryan an indy star while Miz say that he was the first person to win the United States and Tag Titles at the same time. Bryan tells Miz to come to the ring and prove it if he thinks he is so good. Bryan tells Striker that he is not tired of being interrupted by Matt Striker. Bryan says that there is one person who says that he doesn’t have any personality or the ‘it factor’. He says that Cole is a parrot who is told what to say by Vince McMahon. Bryan says that Cole is a poor man’s JR and then he slaps and hits Cole. Striker and referees try to keep Bryan from him. We go to commercial.

We are back with a Moments Ago Moment of Daniel Bryan confronting Michael Cole.

Michael Cole says that if Bryan wants a job, he can’t take criticism from the announcers. Cole says that Bryan should be arrested and he might press charges.

Match Number Two: Justin Gabriel with Matt Hardy versus Heath Slater with Christian

The lock up and Slater with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Slater with a reverse atomic drop and kick but Gabriel with an arm drag while Cole goes to the back.

Gabriel tries for a pescado but Slater kicks him in the chest. Slater with a near fall followed by an arm bar. Gabriel with knees to the head to get out of the hold. Slater punches Gabriel but Gabriel with a spin kick and clothesline. Slater with a face plant for a near fall. Slater charges into a boot but Slater with a spinebuster for a near fall. Gabriel with kicks and a jumping spin kick. Gabriel is sent to the apron and Gabriel with a kick and Slater goes down. Gabriel with a 450 splash for the three count.

Winner: Justin Gabriel

After the match Christian shakes Slater’s hand as well as Hardy’s. Slater and Gabriel shake hands too.

Skip Sheffield is in the back and he reminds us that he was voted off NXT. He was seen as a threat because of his size, physique, and intensity. It was like Survivor when they took out the biggest and baddest threat and they did it first.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we have the Batista/John Cena video package for Over the Limit.

Michael Cole is back at the announce table and it is time to ignore that he got his receipt from DanielBryan. Cole and Josh run through the card for Over the Limit.

It is time to see what the pros have to say about Darren Young. Punk wonders what rankings really are. Christian says that he had Young ranked last. Truth comments on Young’s pro. Punk says that he is not Young’s friend. He is here to teach and guide. Jericho says that he does not like the haircut or the headband. Miz says that he likes something about him, but he hasn’t seen it yet. Truth says that he can see Young be a star but he needs to get out of his shell and let it shine.

We see highlights from Darren Young’s loss to Wade Barrett.

Matt Striker is with the pros and he asks them to figure out the next rookie to be eliminated.

We go to commercial.

We are back and the rookies are at ringside with Matt Striker.

Matt reminds us that we will be one rookie lighter after tonight. It is time for the Pro’s Poll and Wade Barrett is still in first place. David Otunga stays at second. Heath Slater moves up to number three despite losing his match to Justin Gabriel.

We are either eliminating Justin Gabriel or Darren Young and Darren Young gets to go home to South Beach.

Matt asks Young for his thoughts and he asks Darren to tell the pros what he thinks of the decision. Darren says that he did not think this would happen, but he wants to thank the fans in the arena and at home. Darren says that the difference between him and the other rookies is that he has respect for the pros. He says that he is not going to holler and cry. He wants to thank everyone and says that NXT is over for him. Young says that this is not the last time that you will see Darren Young and then he goes to the back.

Matt tells us that the competition will intensify next week. After looking back at what happened to Michael Cole, we are told that another rookie will be eliminated next week.

We go to credits.

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