WWE NXT Reportedly Leaving Wednesday Nights

WWE NXT is reportedly leaving Wednesdays, Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast is reporting. They tweeted, “Hearing from a very reliable source that NXT will be moving to Tuesdays starting 4/13. Should be announced fairly soon.” Vince McMahon ‘disliking’ an NXT tag team was just revealed as well.



A fan named Brian commented, “Hopefully true. This ‘war’ has done no favors for NXT. They need to be on their own night, trying to grow their brand instead of stopping another’s growth, which obviously isn’t working. This move is what’s best for both NXT & AEW.”

A fan named Magan asked, “Sportsnet in Canada just got NXT broadcast rights to air the same time as the states. Will they follow suit?”

Mat Men responded, “I asked the same question and they didn’t really know.” KLD added that this could affect Impact Wrestling on AXS, “Interesting to see if peoples disdain for WWE products will boost Impact viewership (probably not but something to keep an eye on).”

Lord John Bronze added, “I always hoped that if it did move, it would move to Thursdays so it wouldn’t clash with Impact. Guess we’ll just have to see how it plays out.”

Triple H has discussed NXT’s ratings growth, but they have consistently lost to AEW Dynamite on TNT in the Wednesday night ratings wars.


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